What to Buy on Amazon Prime Day and Pass Inspections?

 It is simply amazing how an ordinary day can be primed just with a free shipping perk for 24 hours. That’s right Amazon Prime customers it is your prime day. And while you are at your homes skimming through thousands of catalogs you might want to shift your focus to stuff that goes best with home ownership. 

In recent times, home ownership is what has made Amazon Prime Day even more worthy of attention as from moving into the house to furnishing and decorating it, you need a lot of stuff. So it isn’t so bad if you are offered free shipping while you are already having added costs of keeping and maintaining an entire house.

If you are a new homeowner and just going to move into your house, I will cover both items which can be handy for moving and making your home better, also don’t forget to check out the interview with the inspector at the end to pass home inspections.

Table of Contents: What to Buy on Amazon Prime Day and Pass Inspections?

Moving to a New House

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Items to Improve Your House

Passing Inspections

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Of course, after everything you do right, there is still the nervousness of meeting up with your inspector. Lucky for you we have brought you some relief in this area by sharing a detailed video interviewing a home inspector.

There are a few important things to note. First, the inspections are for your benefit so even if they focus on big issues like plumbing, roofing, health, and safety and you just want the house for its vibe try to understand these points so that you do not end up making a lost deal.

Focus on big things and the smaller issues can always be patched up. Don’t lose a good deal over something as small as a hole in a wall or uneven patio steps to your backyard. They are not worth it and frankly can be fixed.

You also need to make sure your home inspector knows what he is doing. Otherwise, California is not a licensed state in this regard and you might end up losing a great deal because of your home inspector’s incompetence.

Once you find out what the home inspectors are after you can say goodbye to your endless fright and confidently make a deal. And before you know it you will be receiving housewarming must-haves for your new place. Keep that goal in sight and you are all ready for the next step!

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We hope that after reading through this piece of writing you have definitely found things to order on Amazon Prime Day and also passed inspections.

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