What Happened at the 27th Annual Village Fest Bakersfield? (Walkthrough)

 The twenty-seventh annual village fest was a blast of an event in Bakersfield and it took place on the second weekend of September. 

The event was not only for fun and games but it came with a cause to raise money for charity. It’s for care for kids and benefits Bakersfield Angels (Shoes), Bakersfield Angels (Shoes), Bakersfield Angels (Shoes), and Pyles Boys Camp (Food supplies for camp).

So, this is an event where you can enjoy and donate to a good cause. There are always a lot of activities that everyone can take part in.

The twenty-seventh annual village fest was similar to the past and had a lot of activities. You might’ve missed it this time but next time, I hope to see you there.

In this blog, I’ll take you through the 27th Annual Village Fest in Bakersfield so you can mark your calendar for the next event. You can also go through my video at the end to check out the IRL experience. So, let’s find out what happened in Village Fest.

It was Packed!

mikewallimages / Pixabay

The first thing I noticed when entered the village fest was the number of people. It was packed with a lot of people and with just a glance of your eyes, you could see many stalls, and constant music in your ears.

When I first arrived, it just opened and it was still packed, there were a lot of people. So, it was a perfect event for you extroverts to socialize and have fun. It was hot and with so many people even 95 degrees felt more.

However, you don’t have to worry about getting hydrated since you can easily get water from the ice tubs lying around.

The overall village fest was located in an area of 16 Acres with 6 different areas which were distinctly themed.

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Activities and Amenities that You Got

JillWellington / Pixabay

There were a lot of activities for everyone, with tons and tons of food. For a foodie like me, it felt like heaven. You got about 15 different bands, whose music was in perfect harmony for your ears.

Moreover, this event had over 25 Wineries and 60 Breweries, so you can taste the finest drinks from around.

For foodies like me, there were around 30 different restaurants that participated in this event which tantalized my taste buds with delicious food. All of them were local and had vegan options.

Everyone who attended got a complimentary souvenir cup which showed you where you get your beer or wine poured.

Along with the cup, you also get a ticket with 15 boxes, each of these will be checked once you get a taste of wine or beer from different wineries and breweries.

Let’s Get to the Music

geralt / Pixabay

Music was the life of this village fest, wherever I went there was music in my ears and it was not unnecessarily or annoyingly loud.

It seems to me that every local band showed up to this event and why wouldn’t they, it was the perfect place for them to shine.

There were many different bands from Blues Alleys, Kahuna Stage, and Mento Buru, and the craft blues stage had different types of music playing.

Things to Know About Village Fest

dotigabrielf / Pixabay

How much was Raised?

viarami / Pixabay

Fun and games aside, the real purpose of this event for fund fundraising, and Village Fest did manage to raise funds.

The few grants that were made were as follows

  • $5109.73 CAP-K Ridgecrest (Toys/Books)
  • $2500.00 Bakersfield Angels (Shoes)
  • $4500.00 Bristol Hospice (Bereavement Camp)
  • $5390.00 Pyles Boys Camp (Food supplies for camp)

So, it’s great to see that people had a lot of fun and also contributed towards the charity for children.

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The Bottom Line!

Here in this small blog, I mentioned things that I witnessed in Village Fest. It was an amazing event! The wine, the beer, the food, and the music, everything was spot on.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, the people were friendly, and since I am an avid people watcher (Not in the creepy way of course), I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that there were a lot of people in this fest.

Even the hot day couldn’t beat the fun and activities of this festival. So, did you find Village Fest interesting, or did you attend the event? If not, why not check out my video to get the real experience so you can attend it next time? Have a nice day!



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