Rafting in Kern River with River’s End Rafting

 I don’t know about you but in my family, we all love a bit of adventure and I think a pint of adrenaline is great for you too like Rafting in Kern River!  

Well, we might love adventure but my kids were not happy about it either once I told them that I booked it. They thought I’d decided their date of demise with this trip.

Anyway, Jokes aside. I booked it through a professional company called River’s End Rafting and they provided more than an inner tube floating down that my family thought. It was the adventure that I booked for my son’s Birthday.

We survived! Yes, we did survive and had a lot of fun, so here in this piece of writing, I want to take my clients through the details of our River’s end Rafting which is a fun activity!

Booking with a Professional Company

The Kern River is wild and a simple inner tube floating down won’t just cut it. OK, I admit I did do that in my younger years but I nearly died.

So, booking with a professional company is important, a company like River End rafting can provide you with all the necessary safeties for your trip. All the gears will be provided to you.

How to Prepare for Rafting in Kern River?

With a professional company, you don’t need to do a lot, however, it’s essential to pack a few things in order to get the most fun experience and avoid any issues. A few things such as sunscreen, sunshades, and shoes that don’t fall off are your best friends in this adventure.

Also, make sure to wear clothes that are not suitable for water, and don’t wear expensive clothes such as dresses so you don’t end up ruining them. Also, bring along a change of clothes and a dry towel.

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Precautions to Take

There are not many precautions that I recommend. Just keep your children closer to you to keep them safe. Don’t go rafting in rainy seasons since the flow can be way more than even all the safety measures can handle.

Also, opt for lower difficulties, good companies offer different packages and difficulties. With family, I recommend opting for the easiest one so you can enjoy your adventure without worrying about any mishaps.

Rafting Duration, Length, and Cost

The blaster package of River’s End Rafting is offered at the price of $55 per person and it is reduced on special family weekends and for big groups. The overall length is around 3.5 miles and will take about 2 hours.

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The Bottom Line!

There is always a lot to do in Bakersfield and in Summers, Rafting down the Kern River stream is filled with adventure and fun.

I went there with my family and thought, Hey my clients, subscribers, or readers need to know about this fun activity.

A small activity like this can even make you fall in love with what you can do in Bakersfield. Anyway, I’ll leave some pictures for you to see how fun it was and I hope you book it too. Let me know about your experience!

Gallery: Rafting in Kern River

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