93311 Real Estate: Bakersfield Houses for Sale

 Bakersfield is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in 2024. With the southwestern part of town readily available for potential buyers we are here to show you why you need to move here! But it is not just about the southwest. The 93311 real estate is famous for its exceptional attractions and numerous services to its residents. 

Today is all about 93311 real estate. You want this zip code if you want a place in the southwestern part of Bakersfield, at Seven Oaks, Grand Island, or Riverwalk. 

Let’s begin our tour!

Southwest Bakersfield

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 9 3 3 1 1 real estate is quite desirable. Why? It is a desirable area for it is the very place where you can find Seven Oaks, Hagan Oaks, Highgate, Tevis Ranch, Campus Park, River Oaks, Bell Court, and last but not least everyone’s personal favorite, Amber Lee.

The list does not end here. CSUB Campus is also present off of Stockdale. There are simply a variety of places waiting for you in this zip code. 

So everyone living here knows the place offers two shopping centers. These are present right at the intersection of Buena Vista and White Lane. It’s just around the corner for the lucky residents.

You can also have banking options, different food options, and even urgent care. 

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Grand Island Village

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It’s a community within the community. Grand Island is inside Seven Oaks. The community not only boasts high-end housing but also offers exceptional shopping centers.

Loaded with all necessities such as a gym, Wooddale Market, Devores Drive-thru, and Smitten you can enjoy some of the best cocktails and breakfast items at Smitten.

Smitten is available downtown as well as in the Grand Island locale.

Stockdale High School

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The 93311 zip code also has the Stockdale High School. It is also famously known as the Stockdale Mustang. Such an esteemed institution is a blessing in the neighborhood. It has over 2000 students which means an affiliation of 2000 families. 

The school is huge and you can always check it out whenever you are around here. The email for the school is also available for interested parties.

Seven Oaks Country Club

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Moving on to the next attraction at 93311, of course, it is none other than the country club. The golf course is right there for you along with a space for multiple events to be held here. From wedding receptions to Sunday brunch you can plan everything here.

To become a member all you need to do is buy into certain parts of Seven Oaks. You can also inquire about the membership once you are a permanent member of this area.

However, the restaurants in the club aren’t limited to just members. Anyone can visit them. But to play sports you must be a member.

Seven Oaks

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Seven Oaks has multi-million houses with gorgeous architecture and state-of-the-art style. Most of them are custom made therefore carry a uniqueness absent in other neighborhoods’ houses. The best part? This is the place where you can get most 93311 Bakersfield houses for sale.

Just now we talked about the Grand Island Community. It is a gated community housed inside the Seven Oaks—a gated community gated within another.

If you are a fan of Sprouts Yard House or BJ’s Pizzeria you can easily find it here. Along with the post office close enough and Nordstrom Rack at walking distance, you are definitely in real estate paradise.

So if you are thinking of investing into 93311 remember what you are getting: Seven Oaks, Country Club Membership, Highgate, the Stockdale High School, Amberly Court, and whatnot.

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Riverwalk: Finest example of 93311 Real Estate 

At Riverwalk Park, you not only have walking paths but also separate paths for bikes. The place is ideal for a light family gathering. You can fish and barbeque here and cond with your favorite people.

You can check out the entire shopping collection at Talbots or enjoy yourself by the romantic fountain. From Italian restaurants to Mama Tosca you can find all significant places at this marketplace.

Furthermore, the marketplace is important therefore most Marathons start here. Witnessing live music here in the summertime is a beautiful sight. Arts shows are conducted here.

Hence the marketplace has numerous attractions. Even for theater lovers, the place offers a tour of Edwards Theatre to have respite from all matters and just enjoy an evening of conventional drama.

Another fun place for you would be the Broken Yolk Diner. For breakfast and brunch, this should be your go-to place.

So visiting the marketplace does not only mean you are shopping. Once you get out of your house you will experience several fun activities in the vicinity. 

Shopping at Riverwalk

Riverwalk is a constantly changing place with shopping centers and parks sprouting up in every nook and corner. You can get everything you want from this shopping area. Target is also present to make your life easier.

If you want to for more high-end shopping the Bell Court Shopping Center is also newly built for you. Sprouts and Bath and body works are present but the list of places to visit is not limited here.

Sephora and Nordstrom Rack are also nearby for you. So you have plenty of options when you are living at 93311.

What did we learn from 93311 Real Estate?

In short, the place is loaded with convenience. You have a gated community, you have marketplaces, clubhouses, high-end shopping centers, and top-class schools. What else is there to wish for? 93311 is a real estate paradise.

So whether you are planning to move to the 93311 zip code in Bakersfield or are looking for 93311 houses for sale to invest in this area you can always call up the Bakersfield realtors. Go ahead you won’t regret your decision. The place is perfect for building a new home.

So you shouldn’t make it wait for you. Else, before you get on the market the place might get a little too expensive for you. Take advantage of the information given to you and be quick in acting.


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