Things to do in Bakersfield – April 2024 Edition

 Each month has a symbolic presence for us all throughout the year. What does April resonate with? Fool’s Day? Not in Bakersfield. Things to do in Bakersfield in April proves that! 

In Bakersfield, April is marked with a ton of fun things to do around town. The only fools in April are those who choose to miss this fun. If you don’t want to be one, read ahead! 

Let’s explore things to do in Bakersfield – April 2024 Edition, so pick your favorites and let me know in the comments about your picks!

Bingo and Beers

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Things to do in Bakersfield in April is starting with a bang

A fun night on the very first day of the month will cheer up your spirits. For that, you can visit Temblor Brewing Company for a night of Bingo and Beers.

The best part is you get to have all this fun with free entry. Plus all the proceeds go to prominent charities. Save the date and be there between 7 to 9 pm to benefit your local charities.

Jim Gaffigan: Standup Comedy Show

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Nothing says a light, comic evening like a standup comedy show. And who is better to do such a show than the 7 time Grammy nominee himself?

So Jim Gaffigan is coming into town and you would be mad to miss his show at the Mechanics Bank Arena. Remember to get your tickets for the 4th of April. 

The tickets start at 34 dollars and are available for you online at

Bakersfield Marathon

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A two-day marathon is about to unleash at the Kern County Museum of Bakersfield. From 6th to 7th of April you can be a part of the Bakersfield running marathon. 

Run or watch, it is totally up to you. But if you want to try your athletic side, the registration begins at 5:30 am.

For further information visit run. Bakersfield today! Stop being a couch potato and dust off your running shoes today.

Cults and Classics: The Fifth Element

Photo by Dmitry Demidov

Forget about everything else, if a low-profile movie night is your idea of fun so be it. 8th April brings you the 90s classic The Fifth Element. 

You can conveniently get the ticket online for just 5 dollars and enjoy a relaxing movie night at 7 pm Fox Theatre 

Bad Religion and Social Distortion

Photo by Rene Asmussen

Brace yourself for the most exciting tour of the two sought-after bands Bad Religion and Social Distortion. 

The tour is on the 9th of April at the Mechanics Bank Arena and tickets start at 49 dollars. If you are a fan of the punk rock movement you don’t want to miss this legacy tour.

So free up yourself till 7 pm on the 9th and be a part of this influential tour. Tickets are available online.

Spy Planes in Oildale

Photo by Jonathan Borba

The 10th of April marks the celebration exhibition of the warplanes in Oildale. 

The event is planned free for KCM members while non-members are welcome to join by providing specific donations to the foundation.

Visit Kern County Museum at 6 pm and witness a larger-than-life event to revive the history of the world war in the area.

Dinner at the Derby

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If you want to be a part of a multipurpose event Dinner at the Derby at the Seven Oaks Country Club is your cup of tea.

It’s basically a fundraiser benefiting the youth of the area coupled with a scrumptious meal.

The reservation is at 150 to 275 dollars. The event will take place on 12th April between 6 to 8 pm. You can get the tickets online.

Spring Village Flea

Photo by Kai Pilger

Kern County Museum is hosting yet another marvelous event, the Spring Village Flea. 

It is being held on the 14th of April and marks a day to enjoy the flea market experience for just 5 bucks. 

For children 12 and under entry is free. The event will go on all day from 8 in the morning to 3 pm. 

Whoever wants to have a proper flea market experience should be at Kern County Museum by all means.

The Eagles Tribute- The Eagles All-Stars

Photo by Angela Chacón

It’s a concert at the Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame and represents the most authentic band The Eagle All-Stars to come forward and pay tribute to the Eagle Bands’ Legacy.

The concert will occur on the 18th and the tickets are available on the Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame website.

You can enjoy two hours of soulful music from 7 to 9 pm at night of 18th April for just 40 dollars.

Phil Wickham – I Believe Tour

Photo by Caleb Oquendo

If you think Bakersfield has run out of all the fun things to do in April you couldn’t be more wrong. 

Mechanics Bank Theatre brings you the rocking musical concert of Phil Wickham. The event occurring on the 19th is part of the I Believe tour and will continue throughout the night from 7 pm.

You can get your tickets online for 35 dollars at It is a rare opportunity for music lovers who shouldn’t miss it at any cost.

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Bakersfield Mac and Cheese Fest

Photo by Ronmar Lacamiento

Sounds delicious doesn’t it? The Bakersfield Mac and Cheese Fest at Scrambler Park is a golden venture for all those looking for innovative events involving delicious meals.

Happening on the 20th of April the event will start at 5 pm and the tickets are 50 dollars and up.

The tickets can be bought at

Hope in the Darkness

Photo by lalesh aldarwish

An awareness event conducted at the Bakersfield College Simonsen Performing Arts Centre highlights the problems of human Trafficking.

The event not only raises awareness but also provides food for thought as well. It will take place on 20th April at 6 pm and tickets start at 8 to 12 dollars.

The tickets can be bought at the College’s official website.

Get Lit

Photo by Lisa Fotios

If you want to combine food, music, art, and culture in one event Get Lit should be on your priority list.

Planned to occur on 27th April at Kern County Museum, the event will be a combination of fun activities.

Starting at 630 pm, the tickets can be bought online at The starting cost of the tickets is 75 dollars. 

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Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference

Photo by CoWomen

What if it’s the last day of the month, don’t despair. Bakersfield still has the last event to offer you.

The Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference is a chance for budding businesswomen to learn one or two tricks of the trade.

The event will take place at the Mechanics Bank Arena and you can join it for as low as 100 dollars. The tickets are available at

Save the date and time and be prepared to join all enthusiastic businesswomen like yourself on the 30th between 7: 30 am to 4 pm. 

That’s all folks!

So there are just too many options for a Bakersfield resident to visit and enjoy during April. None of these options are boring and can lift your spirits throughout the month.

So don’t wait up! Grab your tickets to your favorite events today!

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