Fun Things To Do With Kids In Bakersfield : Halloween Special

 Imagine it’s October, your first Halloween at your new home in Bakersfield. The chilly air is setting in and you are wondering where to spend this holiday to make it memorable for your kids. Without second thoughts about what the fun things to do with kids, you decided that you need to be at the Kern County Museum! 

It is not just about trick or treating for two nights in a row, but at Kern County Museum there is much much more. Let me give you a glimpse! Here in this blog, I’ll take you through the fun-packed Halloween at Kern County Museum and some other places.

So, why not just get into it? For all those non-readers there is a video at the end for you to check out what I am saying in this article.

Fun Packed Halloween at Kern County Museum

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev

For Halloween Kern County is ideal because you can go for trick and treat the night before Halloween and on Halloween night as well. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that it is jam-packed during Halloween. It looks as if the entire world has turned up at the museum to make their day special and frankly speaking can’t blame them!

The fun activities are just about to start and if you miss the Safe Halloween at the Kern County, you won’t forgive yourself till next year. So brace yourself for a horror yet fun ride.

Safe Halloween

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev

Another place you can visit around this time which is equally fun and busy is the Safe Halloween.  It is not essentially a place but rather an event arranged for Halloween where people can come and have fun.

With all the bounce houses, sitting tables, and walking space everyone wants to be around the Safe Halloween, Pioneer Village. This place is a rental place rented by people who want to host grand parties. At Safe Halloween, you can bring your kid to a great party. But that doesn’t mean it is a kid’s party place. Adults are also welcome to hang out here.

The downside is that due to so much fun, you might have to wait in line for a bit. But it is worth it. Every house is supported monetarily. After that you a assigned a specific stamp. What you do is stamp that on your bag and then you get luxury stuff from the sponsored houses. Amazing isn’t it?

At Safe Halloween, you can grab some kettle corn and snack around while you explore this amazing place. You can also get those cute costumes for your little ones and have them enjoy the day to the fullest meanwhile everyone snacks up.

Another proposition for your young business people is to visit and try to understand the dynamics of this event to take advantage of it as local businesses do.

You can enjoy Safe Halloween in the last two days of October i.e. from 30th to 31st October. The time is 5 o clock to 9 o clock in the evening.

Want to know more things to do in Bakersfield? Check out our Things to do article.

Bakersfield Sound Exhibit

Photo by Thirdman

Once you are done trick or treating and have gotten ample stuff from the sponsored houses you can turn to something Bakersfield is famous for: Country Music sound. You need to understand why Bakersfield is so crucial in the music equation. This is because Spotify numbers and radio hits at some point have roots linking them to Bakersfield. Kern County is also not far behind in this music race. Great music is the heart and soul of Kern County and dominates the music scene everywhere.

You can go for a sound exhibit at Bakersfield to enjoy some moments with local melodies for your holiday. The sound exhibit is sponsored by none other than the Battlefield Live. so this will also be an innovative thing to do at your first Bakersfield Halloween outing.

Laser Tag

Photo by Laserblast Laser Tag Equipment

Here you can enjoy some adventurous laser tag. Kids are always into laser tag. They can have lots of fun wearing the little vests with their fake guns that give you too many shots before you are killed and out of the game.

So not only your kids will get some delicious candy but also have a fun hideout playing with the laser tag equipment. This will make Halloween non-conventional and leave your kids awe-struck once you surprise them with this amazing game.

Merle Haggard’s House

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite

While enjoying the the great country music of Bakersfield you can turn your attention towards Merle Haggard’s House. Mind you we are traveling in a converted train car therefore we advocate Southern Pacific Railroad cars.

You can play KUZZ 107.9 or sway with the 70s and 80s music at 107.1 while you make your way toward this historical house. This house is so named after Merle Haggard who spent his childhood in this place and called it home.

Even after so many years, you will witness that all the rooms of the house are properly set up and open to tourists. The place is kept spick and span so that you can visit the house with your kids and teach them a thing or two about Kern County and its origins. That will educate them about how Kern County is operating presently.

If you are interested in Bakersfield

If all the fun activities have touched your heart and you see yourself living in Bakersfield shortly all you need to do is contact us. As the Bakersfield realtor, I will welcome you with open arms into this small yet warm community.

Not only does Kern County welcome newness but respects old traditions and always tends to make its residents aware of the history of the town.

Many fun activities in Bakersfield change with the season. E.g. in Summer you can go river rafting and in specific seasons you can visit Murray family farms.

The Bottom Line: What have we learned?

Today we learned about all the hot spots you can visit in Bakersfield on Halloween. You can have as much fun as you want as there are numerous venues and options alive with music, fun activities, and people to make your day memorable. So, it’s time to consider all this!

From laser tag to visiting the Kern County museum Bakersfield has your entire trick and treating covered. You can take advantage of the Safe Halloween event and make your kids’ Halloween fun with costumes, snacks, and games as much as you like.

So if you are tempted by all this, I suggest you move to Bakersfield and take full advantage of the fun that lies here!


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