Things to Do In Bakersfield – March 2024 Edition

 After a fun and reminiscent February, we bring you even more exciting Things to do in Bakersfield in March 2024 right here because why not?  

Having fun shouldn’t be limited to any one month. And when you live in Bakersfield you get all the events to make you fall even more in love with this neighborhood. 

We have chalked out all the details of things to do throughout the month in Bakersfield. If you are a lucky resident or a potential buyer you are in for a whole lot of surprises here. 

So here we go and let’s begin the things to do in Bakersfield March 2024 Edition

Free Spirit Paint Party


Photo by Daian Gan

A chance for all people who want to de-stress through painting. The Free Spirit painting event is being held at Corks and Strokes on the 9th of March. Witness two amazing hours of canvas painting.


Worried you will need to be creative? Shake it off for guidance and pre-tracing will be provided as and when needed. In short, everything will be planned out for you. 

At the end of the evening, you get to take your painting magnificence home. And all of this for a mere 40 dollars. This can truly lighten up your monotonous days and if you have kids it would be a jolly experience for them too!

So don’t wait up. You can get your tickets at

Ride the Cyclone

Photo by Donald Tong

Not a fan of musicals? Well, your opinion would change once you watch Ride the Cyclone at the Stars Westside Playhouse. 

You wouldn’t worry about missing it as the show will go on from 8th-23rd March marking a 16-day movie-fest at Bakersfield. For 15 dollars and up you can get your tickets books at the

Starting at 7 pm every evening you will be hooked here and won’t be able to Don’t wait till the end. It might get overbooked due to all the hype. 

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Mania: The ABBA tribute

Photo by Vishnu R Nair

Don’t have any plans for 10th March? Well, now you have. Because Bakersfield brings you the most majestic event of the year: The Mania! A beautiful tribute of ABBA to the music that has fascinated fans hearts all around the world.

If you are in for this save the date and for 27 dollars at 6:30 pm behold amazing choreography and musicianship at the Historic Bakersfield Fox Theatre, take all your music freak friends with you, and give them a taste of one fun evening in Bakersfield.

After that, they would never be able to leave it behind!

Cults and Classics This is Spinal Tap

Photo by Monica Silvestre

Looking for a more economical option to spend your day leisurely? Look no further, the Cults and Classics This is Spinal Tap at the Historic Bakersfield Fox Theatre. The movie is an insightful documentary into the life of rock band The Spinal Tap. 

It is also a commentary on the rock and roll scene of the 80s. 

You can get your tickets conveniently online at and be ready to spend 11th March in a rocking way just for 5 dollars.

St. Patrick’s Wine/Beer Glass Painting Party

Photo by Elina Sazonova

Bakersfield is all prepped up to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. But the festivities are not limited to the day itself. It starts almost a week before the main event. 

In this regard, a glass painting slash wine party will be held at Bakersfield. It is all about wine-ing each other up for an exciting evening of glass painting and wine tasting.

For 45 dollars you can have a memorable two hours at your disposal where kids can enjoy glass painting while the adults can have fun of their own with different wines.

You can get the tickets at and don’t forget it is on 11th March from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Boots in the Park: Parker McCollum

Photo by Jean-Merci Namegabe

Great fun fairs are a rare thing these days but you can expect anything from Bakersfield. For an evening of live performances and crafty food, it has put together Boots in the Park event for you.

Not only can you enjoy an entire evening of music, yummy cuisines, and innovative performances but also get a chance to meet the legendary Parker Mccollum.

Boots in the Park will take place on 15th March and the tickets start from 79$. The price is nothing compared to what the event is offering. 

So grab your tickets at and we will see you at the Bakersfield Sports Village on the 15th! 

Don’t be late!

Sportsmen’s Boat and RV and Show

Photo by Yusuf Duhan DİKAL

Wait a second is it all about movie shows and musicals? Not at all if you are looking for something more refreshing and sporty the Sportsmen’s Boat and RV Show is here for you.

For sports enthusiasts, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy sports showcasing in Bakersfield. But the show isn’t limited to just that. It offers a little something for everyone.

The two-day sporting exhibition will begin on 15th March and continue till 17th at KC Fairgrounds. And the best part? It will go on for the entire day! From 10 am to 7 pm, the program is at your disposal whenever you want to join it.

The tickets start at 12 dollars and you can get them at Hurry up!

Family Day

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh

You may be thinking it is a bit harsh that all these activities require some sort of entry fee. We feel you. That’s why we bring you an alternative. You can have a family day at The Bakersfield Racquet completely free!

All you need to do is call them up at 661.325.8652 for details and have an amazing day bonding with your family stress-free. You can enjoy the tennis open or play a little yourself. Upto you.

You can do this on 15th of March from 10 30 am till noon. 

Almost St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl

Photo by Pixabay

As talked about earlier March in Bakersfield is laddened with St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Therefore, Almost St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl starts on 16th March where everyone is invited to join tour taking at multiple pubs in town.

For beer lovers and people into exciting tours, this is your thing. It starts at Off the Rails at 4 pm and continues onwards till 9 at night. 

You can get your tickets online for just 15 to 25 dollars! Dont wait. You do not want to miss this fun!

For further details visit

Aerosmith Tribute/ Last Child

Let’s get to a bit more fancier option. Another band tour, only this time it features one of the best rock bands: The Last Child.

You can enjoy a melodious evening at the Bakersfield Hall of Fame. The concert is part of the nationwide tour of the band and has gotten amazing reviews over time.

You can enjoy this concert on 22nd March for just 40 to 45 bucks. You can get the details and tickets from And don’t forget it starts at 7 pm.

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Chris Botti Concert

Photo by Thibault Trillet

You can never be glad enough about Chris Botti coming to the Bakersfield Fox Theatre. I mean who doesn’t want Chris Botti live in concert? If you are a fan be ready to witness his enigma on 24th March.

You can get the tickets online at starting from 45 to 91 dollars. The melodies of Botti will go on for two hours till 9 pm. 

Who would want to miss that?

Teacher Gone BAD

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Enough with the music shows. Let’s get ourselves an evening of light humor. Bakersfield brings you Teacher Gone Bad at the Laughing Stock Comedy Club. It’s about open-minded teachers’ comedy with educators involved.

These educators generate humor at their own expense, bringing it out by sharing their own experiences

The tickets are available at for 30 dollars. The event will take place on the 27th between 6 to 7:30 pm.

Lyle Lovett

Photo by Edward Eyer

If you are a fan of Acoustics we have just the right event planned for you on the 27th. You can enjoy an evening of the best Acoustic group of Lyle Lovett. 

The event will take place at the Buck Owens Crystal Palace and the ticket is worth 90 dollars. The program will commence at 730 in the evening.

Tickets are conveniently available at

Jo Koy

Photo by Tim Mossholder

None of the above activities capture your attention. No worries you can always go for Jo Koy’s show. 

Who doesn’t want to laugh their heart off with humorous anecdotes of Jo? His journey not only makes one laugh but also inspires the audience to look for possibilities in life.

The show is part of the world tour and would go on for two days 28 and 29th March at the Mechanics Bank Arena. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets at for just 50 bucks and give your March a perfect ending at 8 pm.

Build your own Robot

Photo by LJ

If you or your kids are into robotics this event should be the highlight of your month. You can understand all the fun and basic ways of bringing together the components of your robot. 

The event will take place on the 29th of March at the Beuna Vista Museum of Natural History.

You can RSVP to this event at 661.324.6350. It will go on from 9 am till noon. For 45 dollars consider visiting this event as an investment to your knowledge about robotics. 


So here you have 15 of the most amazing events Things to do in Bakersfield in March to keep you on your toes during the spring month of March. The variety presented by Bakersfield is awesome and not limited to a certain class. It is for everyone.

So go grab your favorite event’s tickets today and make a day out of your Bakersfield experience. I hope you enjoyed the things to do in Bakersfield – March 2024 edition. Adios.

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