Tools and Gadgets that you need as a First time Home Buyer

 So, you bought a home in Bakersfield real estate? Congrats, I am happy for you! As a new homeowner, you must be going through a thought bubble about what tools and gadgets you need for your new home or maybe you’re just completely blank and don’t have a thought in your head. 

Whatever the case is, my realtor blood will not leave you alone and I just get so excited to help others out! So, what I’m gonna do is, I will list some tools and gadgets that your house deserves.

Not only does your house need it, you need it too of course to make your house better! Okay, Okay, let’s stop the long paragraphs and get to the products. For those who still don’t want to read all of this, you can watch the video that I posted at the end.

By the way, you can get all these things from my Amazon store!  Anyway, let’s start!

A Level Tool: CRAFTSMAN Torpedo Level, Magnetic, 9 Inch

jarmoluk / Pixabay

A level is something that you might think, why would I need this? Well, consider this, when you are a new homeowner you will want to make some changes but before making them, you are going to make sure that everything is properly aligned

A bubble in the level can help you figure out if everything is installed correctly, and what changes you need to make. Maybe before installing a new door, you need to check the level of the old door frame, etc. Or maybe you’re just hanging a painting and want to keep it level.

This tool comes in different varieties ranging between 9 inches and 24 inches. I recommend getting at least two. It also has a slanted leveler which can help you figure out if the angles are proper.

Blue Tape: Scotch Blue Original Multi-Surface Painters Tape

MIH83 / Pixabay

The next item on my list proves to be a lifesaver for every homeowner. As a new owner, you must be looking into home improvements like painting, and while painting you need to mask areas that you don’t want to paint before you start painting.

This blue tape is better than masking tape since it doesn’t leave any residue that sticks to your walls and can help you avoid unnecessary cleaning activities after painting. It comes off easily.

You can do wonders with blue tape, maybe you want to make designs with it or anything else.

A Flash Light: Maglite, Lightweight Flashlight

OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay

For most people, a flashlight might seem like an extinct product but to me, it’s still alive as ever. I know, I know, you have a flashlight in your mobile but having this flashlight will make it much easier for you.

The grip is better than a mobile, maybe you want to get into places where a mobile can bump or something like that. It’s necessary to have a good flashlight, and the one on my list is the one you can opt for.

It has got weight and is good, will provide you with a better visual than your phone.

A Hefty Measuring Tape: DeWalt Tape Measure

idobicollection / Pixabay

In my experience, a new homeowner does opt for a lot of remodeling and stuff. When it comes to remodeling or even moving in, you need to spend some money on a premium heavy-duty measuring tape.

No, I’m not talking about the tapes in your purses, the really small ones. You need to have a good tape measure.

This is the perfect product for measuring anything, maybe you want to measure tiles or spaces or any other thing. You can either opt for the 9-foot or 24-foot one.

AWL Punch: General Tools Scratch AWL

wilhei / Pixabay

This is a tool that you might think twice about before purchasing since it seems like something that doesn’t serve a purpose but trust me you’re wrong!

This tool, which looks like an ice pick, is going to be your new best friend and you will be using it all the time.

You can use this for threading, picking up weeds from the backyard, or even getting something under your microwave or toaster. So, it can be used for everything!

Dewalt Electric Drill: 

bluebudgie / Pixabay

Say goodbye to manual drillers or screwdrivers, since this is all you need for many tasks as a new homeowner.

You can use it for any task you want like shelving, building a doll house, and much more. It’s powerful so it will make your improvements easy.

It’s super handy and very easy to use. I am sure this will make your life way easier.

Ratcheting ScrewDriver: Amartisian 12-in1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver

TheDigitalWay / Pixabay

If you don’t want to do the overkill of getting the above-mentioned drill or even if you got that, I recommend opting for this handy tool as well.

It can bend and has drill bids embedded inside the screwdriver. It can also provide you with the ability to increase torque, so it doesn’t matter if you are left or right-handed, you can easily adjust and put more force with it.


0-0-0-0 / Pixabay

Ah! The good old WD-40, well who doesn’t know this product right? Well, if you are not using one, trust me you are missing out on something amazing.

It not only can eliminate squeaks from your doors or help your vehicle parts run better with better hydration, but it will also help you clean windows. Yes, you heard it right, Windows!!

This is something I recently discovered, just spray and wipe and you’ll have amazing windows.

The Final Verdict

Buying a new house is a big step, but what comes after it can take a toll on you both financially and physically.

I am talking about home improvements of course, but with the right tools you can make your projects and life a bit easier.

In this blog and video, I went through some cool things that you must opt for in your home. I sincerely hope you love all of them!

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