The Bakersfield Airport – Things You Need to Know!

 Hey everyone, So, I recently was going through Bakersfield airport and thought well it’s quite unique, isn’t it? Those of you who have been through this airport will know what I am talking about.  

I thought why not cover it in a separate video/blog? This idea just came into my head since I cover everything about living in Bakersfield. 

The Bakersfield Airport is not an international airport and only serves local flights within the United States with only 2 operators. 

Here in this blog, I will take you through this unique airport and list some facts that will amaze you. Anyway, let’s begin.

Getting to the Meadows Field Airport Bakersfield

Getting to the Meadows Field Airport Bakersfield
Photo by Oleksandr P

The name of this airport is Meadows Field Airport and it’s loved by everyone in Bakersfield. No, it’s not an overstatement there are many reasons for them to love this airport but one of them is the ease of getting there.

The airport is not like other cities where you have to go through rush hour traffic or is located away. It’s just a 15-20 min drive for everyone depending on where you are. 

You just have to take Merle Haggard or Seventh Standard which is the same road with two different names to get to the airport. 

The airport is rarely busy and getting there and finding a place to park is easy. Unlike airports like LAX, for example, you drive for at least 40-50 minutes, pay for parking, etc.

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The Size of The Bakersfield Airport

The Size of The Bakersfield Airport
Photo by Guilherme Rossi

The size of the airport is small and when you arrive at the terminal it will feel that it’s a small building of some sort however it can still manage a lot of traffic.

The parking is vast and for now, it’s free, of course, there is always space and you can park. Since only a few cars will be parked daily and there is no rush hour.

The shops and eateries are fewer compared to big airports, but you don’t have to show up very early so I am sure you’ll not have time to manage it. 

Getting Through the Bakersfield Airport

The Size of The Bakersfield Airport
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Unlike those big airports, Bakersfield Airport is a breeze to get through. You don’t have to show up 3 hours early just to get through all the procedures.

You can just get here 1 hour before and check-in, you can either print out your boarding pass yourselves or head over to the counter to get your boarding pass printed, both work at this airport.

There are only four gates that operate at this airport so you don’t have to walk far for your flights and risk missing it. 

Which Plane Can Land at the Airport?

The Size of The Bakersfield Airport
Photo by Dovydas Pranka

The airport might be small but the runway it has can allow the landing of up to Boeing 747 which is a big plane. I am not sure about the A380, I guess that will not be able to land here.

However, since Airforce One has landed here multiple times a 747 can easily land here. Since it’s not an international airport, you won’t find these big aircraft landing here a lot. Usually, on special occasions, they land e.g. president’s arrival or any other reason.

The honor flight of veterans land hand which comes from Kern County for the DC area and in the airport lounge they hold a ceremony for send off or welcoming. 

It’s emotional and fun to watch and you will get the news about it as well. So, you might be lucky someday to witness that. I did witness it and I was like what’s this, what’s going on? So, I asked around and found it. So, this is a unique feature of the airport as well. 

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TSA Screening

TSA Screening
Photo by Earl Andre Roca

TSA screening is something that most of us are not a fan of. Here at the Bakersfield Airport, TSA security is not much of a hassle as well. You’ll not find big lines anywhere here, and will not waste a lot of time while getting through this airport.

It will be more like walking through it than just standing in huge lines to get to your turn. So, that’s another reason for not arriving early. The other reason is that it’s not a crowded airport and the traffic moving through is low. 

Airlines Operating at The Bakersfield Airport

Airlines Operating at The Bakersfield Airport
Photo by Quintin Gellar

Since it’s not an international airport, there are only two airlines that operate through this airport. One is American Airlines and the other one is United Airlines.

So, if you are flying internationally, you’ll have to take a connecting flight from this airport to their hub from where you’ll be transported to your destination.

This is the case with some local locations as well. Since you won’t find direct flights to and from Bakersfield from many locations that have low traffic in/out of Bakersfield. A lot of places offer direct flights to Bakersfield which is good. 

So, you might spend more on the tickets but in the end, you’ll save a lot as well since you get here only an hour early and with free parking. 

The Bottom Line

Meadows Field Airport Bakersfield is a small yet pleasant airport. Travelling through it is easy and even getting to it is way easier as well since it’s not that far away.

The only con of this airport is that it’s not international but it’s calm, it’s convenient and in the long run, it’s more affordable than others.

The airport is unique and that’s why I wanted to shed light on it. So, tell me about your experience. What are your thoughts on this airport?


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