Pickleball Courts in Bakersfield 2024 – The Fastest Growing Sports

 Did you know pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the United States? If you are into pickleball you must need a state-of-the-art pickleball court. And what’s a better place than Bakersfield to have that? 

Bakersfield has never lacked in anything before. The market goes up. The market goes down. But Bakersfield has kept itself high on the list of up-and-coming neighborhoods in 2024.

Joining the Bakersfield community has two-fold benefits:

A) you can have an amazing house and neighborhood; 

B) the pickleball courts are just within your reach. 

Those who say you can’t have it all are definitely wrong when it comes to housing facilities at Bakersfield. In this housing Paradise you can find top-notch pickleball courts left right center. 

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What is Pickleball? 

What is Pickleball?
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Before you jump to all the great Bakersfield pickleball clubs listed over here, there are a few things you need to know about pickleball.

Pickleball is no ordinary sport. It is a sort of paddle sport that offers a combination of tennis, ping pong, and badminton. How is it different from the others? You play it with paddles and plastic balls.

The best thing about it is there is no age limit for it. People from every age group can play it. No particular level of skills is a prerequisite as well. 

So you can brace yourself with the best pickleball paddles in town and play your first match at Bakersfield.

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Famous Pickleball courts in Bakersfield


Some of these courts can be found in the southern part of the Bakersfield circumference while the north and west also have multiple courts. 

You may think the northern parts are any less in pickleball courts but in the future, you will see how the courts grow with the fastest-growing sport in the United States. 

The most famed ones on which you can keep your eyes are as follows:

Bakersfield Racket Club

You can always find out about pickleball in Bakersfield if you start looking for it in the downtown area.

If you start with courts downtown, your first choice should be the Bakersfield Racket Club. It is a gorgeous private club adorned with swimming pools, tennis courts, and guess what? Four pickleball courts!

You can hurt an elbow or two but you can always play here. You can find it downtown just on 1660 Pine Street. Again if you are planning to move to Bakersfield this area should be on your list. 

Jas Park

So the Bakersfield Racket Club might have multiple courts downtown but it is a private club. This means not everyone can visit.

Fortunately for you, the Bakersfield pickleball club is not your last option. Jas Park also offers state-of-the-art pickleball courts downtown. And the best part: It is a public space! 

Green Acres Park

Another heart-capturing option is the Green Acres Park. For the Northside of Callaway Bakersfield, it is self-evident. In case your location is somewhere south you will need to find it on Callaway.

Once you are at Green Acres you can’t miss the amazing 8 pickleball courts just waiting for you.

If you want to live near Green Acres the place is great for buying a place. Why? The prices are perfect for first-time buyers. Property ranges between 50 to 450. So bear that in mind when you visit this northwestern part of Bakersfield.

You can also find pickleball courts in the eastern part of the southwest. In the north, the courts are scarce, however soon you can expect anything in Bakersfield.

Campus Park South

Bakersfield courts are not limited. Therefore, another place you can ready up your pickleball paddles is the Campus Park South.

Campus Park is essentially an old neighborhood of Bakersfield. Therefore it is natural that the park is in a very well-established space. There are amazing schools and all other facilities present in this neighborhood.

Who wouldn’t want to play pickleball here? The neighborhood has housing prices starting at 300 to 400 thousand dollars. The Bakersfield pickleball clubs in this area are awesome and near to houses.

Hagan Oaks

Are you familiar with Le Moje? Well, it is the next best place for pickleball courts. Hagan Oaks just off Le Moje has homes starting from 900000 dollars.

For those interested in Bakersfield and this sport, this is your ideal neighborhood. Even if you need a place located near Le Moje this will still prove a great option.

During the Christmas time, the neighborhood lights up like a starry sky. If you are fond of Christmas lights that’s another reason to move to Hagan Oaks. 

And how can we forget about pickleball? You can play with residents here and even become one of them yourself. 


This name must sound familiar to you. It should as the Highgate region comes up more than frequently whenever Bakersfield neighborhoods are mentioned. In terms of pickleball courts, it is not further behind.

Being a gated community it boasts a price point between 500 to 600 thousand dollars. Which is better than other Bakersfield neighborhoods. 

What else can you wish for along with the best pickleball courts present in town?

Some of the properties cost as much as a million dollars. But the neighbors have everything. From tennis courts to stations for this game it leaves out nothing.

So if you are interested in having a Bakersfield pickleball tournament you can always visit the Highgate community.

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Final thoughts

It is simple. For an enthusiast, Bakersfield is a housing paradise. Almost every area has multiple courts.

The availability of courts is numerous and at walking distance. Parks not only offer this sport but also other exertion activities for Bakersfield residents. So it’s a complete package.

Even if you are not fond of playing outdoors the clubs at Bakersfield just make it too hard to ignore this introductory sport. 

Moving to Bakersfield can prove extremely useful for you not just in terms of this sport but much much more. So start playing and start planning a move towards Bakersfield.

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