Best Food and Drinks in Bakersfield – An Overview

 If you have just moved to Bakersfield and are not yet settled in you need a pull towards this new place. You might feel homesick or miss your old house. Everything might feel a little overwhelming with all the moving, settling, and of course renovations. So, we have a surprise for you in this article about the best food in Bakersfield article.   

So, How to make it easier for you?

Well, there are a couple of restaurants, bars, and wineries around Bakersfield that will keep you hooked. These attractions will not only take your mind off your overwhelming experience but also make it easier for you to call Bakersfield your home.

So where should we start? The best restaurants and cocktail bars can be found in downtown Bakersfield. Some of the most delightful food and drink places in Bakersfield are as follows:

Table of Contents: Find the Best Food and Drink in Bakersfield


Imbibe - Best Food and Drink in Bakersfield
Photo by Magda Ehlers

Looking for your fine wine around Bakersfield? There is no place better than Imbibe to enjoy wine and other cocktails. The massive collection of top-of-the-world wines, whiskeys, and other drinks makes Imbibe worth visiting.

The way Imbibe works is exciting too. They offer you cards up front-loaded. You can purchase your favorites using those cards. To make it more fun, you can get yourself small, medium, or large pores with that credit.

You can also load the card up at the front if you are just there to taste everything out. Once you become a regular at Imbibe they offer you credit scores. 

Even if you are new to this place don’t worry they offer cards to everyone. 

How to use the Imbibe card?

Well, it is fairly simple. You get your card, and they money it up. You stick it in and voila as it lights up you get all the pricings.

Convenient isn’t it? It is up to you then to get something fancy or something cheaper. 

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Tommy’s Pizza

Tommy's Pizza - Best Food in Bakersfield
Photo by Muffin Creatives

Not a fan of fast food? You will change your taste once you have Pizza at Tommy’s. It always has the freshest ingredients perfect for a mouth-watering pizza serving.

A little background info

The place is truly indigenous with the owner being born and raised in Bakersfield. Tommy started making pizzas first at Sonoma County.

Tommy along with his wife Alicia started this food chain back in 2022.

That means the pizza restaurant has been in business for almost two years. The operations have been expanded. They now serve four days a week instead of three. 

So if you want to grab a quick bite after an exhausting day you can always visit Tommy’s Pizza at 3 pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. This can be considered the best food in Bakersfield by some.

People keep showing up and keep liking Tommy’s resulting in its present fame. The place is perfect for an amazing pizza night out.


Compo - Best Food in Bakersfield
Photo by Valeria Boltneva

If you ever crave an outing from Wednesday to Saturday between 12 to 10 you can always come to Campo. Why is it an all-time favorite spot of Bakersfield residents?

One reason is the natural wine. While you can typically find natural wine in almost all parts of California, it doesn’t come easy in Bakersfield. 

So if you are a fan of natural wine this might be your only go-to spot in Bakersfield.

One part of Campo is a bottle shop. So you can buy bottles of every size here along with small plates. The owners are also friendly and welcome constructive criticism.

Attraction for Influencers

Also if you are an influencer or just like clicking aesthetic photos for your Instagram feed, this place gives the perfect vibe. 

In addition to food and wine Campo offers a ton of fun activities including wine tastings, and soulful live music. So as a new resident, you must check it out. 

Even if you have had Tommy’s Pizza you can always come to Campo after after meal cocktails. Mind you Campo doesn’t offer too fanciful meals but the interior is entirely Spanish.

You can always plan a cute date or hang out with your friends at Campo.


Photo by Markus Spiske

For those who are fans of tastings, TLO is another tasting room. With amazing indoor and outdoor space TLO only offers Tolo wines. 

The outdoors is just too gorgeous where you can enjoy the sunset, the stars, and all those signs that mark the progression of the time.

Moreover, the twinkling fairy lights, the cute little tables, and the soothing live music offer a peaceful ambiance that people are always looking for around the town.

If you are into making connections Campo is great in that regard too..numerous vendors are always going in and out of Campo. You can stay connected if you keep visiting places like Campo.

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Photo by Lisa Fotios

Not into buying yourself fancy dinners on weekends? Don’t worry Botanist offers top-notch cocktails to its customers. But if you want to have a meal they also offer delicious and one-of-a-kind burgers, meza, fries, and fish.

But if you must have one thing at Botanist that is the cocktail. Nobody else in Bakersfield offers cocktails like the ones at Botanist. They are simply out of the world.

They have a private area in their outdoor space perfect for a romantic date. The dark yet vivid paint colors coupled with funky lights and cute marble tables with a center piano make the place even more vibey.

The Botanist also offers great live music at times which can make your cocktail dates even more memorable.

Final thoughts

Bakersfield has a lot of happening places. The downtown area is always swarming with residents who know well how to make their evenings special.

You can have a memorable dinner, have a drink with your friends, or simply go to a sophisticated wine tasting, Bakersfield won’t disappoint you.

There are numerous places you can visit in Bakersfield that offer one-of-a-kind entertainment and cuisines. Even high-quality cocktails are present for you to enjoy in Bakersfield. So, I hope that you’ll be able to find the best food in Bakersfield and satisfy your taste buds.

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