What’s the Update on Water in Kern River, California?

 Want to plan a visit to some river while living in California and wonder which river is the best to visit in 2023 with surging water? Well, this blog will update you about the water level in Kern River which many people are visiting and are amazed by its water level surge in 2023  

. Especially, if you live in Bakersfield, the Kern River is as near as you feel like it’s in your backyard.

The Kernville where this Kern River is located is just one hour away from Bakersfield. Read thoroughly and don’t miss out on this great revitalization update on Kern River in California.

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Lake Isabella

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The beautiful Lake Isabella is located in Kerville at a distance of one hour from Bakersfield where Highway 178 connects to Highway 155.

The drive toward Lake Isabella on Highway 155 has mesmerizing views and the Lake itself has breathtaking scenic sights.


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Outside of Lake Isabella is Bodfish which is a one-horse town since it is a small place. You can also visit Bodfish along with Lake Isabella and Kern River for a day trip with your family.

Kern River

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The water level surge in Kernville’s Kern River is like a miracle because it has just increased right after the rains in winter at the end of last year and at the start of this year.

A visit to the Kern River is a must now with your friends or family to see and enjoy its beauty. Apart from enjoying the beauty of the Kern River, you can enjoy its water activities like kayaking and rafting. Camping option is also available alongside the river.

On a trip to Kern River, you can stay at various places around Kernville with a view of the river. Additionally, Lake Isabella is also worth visiting in Kernville.



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