Moving to Montana from California? Read This!

 Thinking about finding a peaceful and exciting state to move to? Montana can be your answer! No doubt, it’s a tough decision but after knowing every fact, it can be the best decision of your lifetime. 

However, you need to learn about what it’s like living in Montana and how changes will target you upon moving from California.

In this guide, we will cover the facts that will help you decide whether it’s the perfect state for you or not! We will go through facts like food, climate, real estate, and other thrilling facts that may serve you in the right decision.

So, why wait, let’s just get to it.

Montana: The US State

Montana: THe Us State - Moving to Montana

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Holidays in Montana:Moving to Montana: Holidays in Montana

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Who is Welcome in Montana?Moving to Montana: Who is Welcome in Montana

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Starlink Satellite:Moving to Montana: Starlink Satellite

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Weather Conditions:Moving to Montana: Weather Conditions

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Montana is a cool place, unlike Bakersfield. To cope with the hot Temperature of  Bakersfield we wrote some tips for you. So you can check them out.

Bears of Glacier National Park:Moving to Montana: Bears of Glacier National Park

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Jobs in Montana:Moving to Montana: Jobs in Montana

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Real Estate Market:Moving to Montana: Real Estate Market

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Mexican Food:Moving to Montana: Mexican Food

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Californians love good Mexican food, tacos, and chips and salsa, but going towards the Canadian border, the Mexican food becomes tasteless. Upon moving to Montana this can be challenging for Californians to not find any good Mexican food. But opening new restaurants is always an option.


Relocating to Montana can be challenging for Californians but there are trade-offs since Montana has the natural beauty of mountains and valleys with spectacular views but they don’t have good Mexican food to offer Californians.

Typically, Montana is attractive for its calmness and open spaces but the real estate market is pricey there. Buying a nice family home in California is easier than in Montana because of its low rates.

Having fewer people spread all over the state, the job market in Montana is only best for tourism enthusiasts since the big industries are not much there.

Winters in Montana can be challenging for Californians because they are not fond of snowfalls much.


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