Hiding some Cash in Your House for Emergency Uses

 Living in the present crazy times when the economic market internationally is on a rollercoaster and you don’t know what you have at the next turn having a financial plan is an intelligent choice, hence hiding some cash is a good practice as well. 

While keeping your savings in a bank account promises profit for tomorrow it may sound old school but practical to keep some cash at hand.

Importance of Keeping Cash in Your House

Importance of hiding some cash in your house

Safe Amount to KeepSafe amount for hiding some cash in your house

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Cash in Hand can Come in HandyHiding some cash in your house

Pros and Cons of Keeping Cash

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The Bottom Line

Nowadays you can swipe your credit/debit card anywhere, however, you may not be able to use your debit or credit card in a few places. In some places, you need to have cash. Similarly, emergencies need cash.

While it is not smart to keep cash at home and devalue your money it is also unwise to ignore the importance of keeping an emergency cash fund at hand.

As long as you are making enough money to keep yourself fed and sheltered you can create a cash fund to help you out in times of crisis.



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