Monthly Market Report June 2023- Santa Cruz Real Estate

 Welcome to another fresh blog. As promised this is a part of the series on monthly market reports from different parts of California. And you know where the present report is coming from? It’s Santa Cruz! 

Not only does this report highlight the SFR sales in Santa Cruz, California but it also represents the active sales in comparison to houses sold in the past year. In addition to this, median days of present sales are also researched and discussed in detail in this report.

The California Association of Realtors is responsible for the present statistics analysis. The report presents the figures from June 2023 which are extremely handy for all those interested in house-buying for any reason in Santa Cruz.

SFR Sales and Costs

Market Report Santa Cruz: SFR Sale and Cost

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As mentioned earlier, the major part of the report is based on SFR sales. What is SFR? SFR is basically the pronunciation of Single Family Residences; the only special thing about them is that they can be rented out. As Single Family Homes have ample space compared to apartment places, they can be divided into independent units and then rented out for extra money.

Why are SFR homes better? Well, there are multiple reasons but the basic one is that they provide privacy in addition to a place that can be rented out. The space and independent units provide you with your private space as well as the renter. They are affordable as well as perfect for bigger families. This is what makes them better and high in demand.

Monthly StatisticsMarket Report Santa Cruz: Monthly Statistics 

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Market Competition 

Also, check out the monthly report for Kern County.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, it is clear that the monthly market report of June 2023 was detailed and adequately quantitative showing exact facts and figures for Santa Cruz SFR houses.

The California Association of Realtors has outdone itself in providing accurate information for its members to facilitate the smooth running of their real estate business.

Furthermore, in this market report for Santa Cruz, it’s obvious that their involvement in maintaining the real estate property rights of a person is commendable.

The report of Santa Cruz June 2023 is not an individual one but rather one of the series of excellent reports generated by the association from various parts of the Californian state.

It shows different dimensions for listings that are required including sales, active listings median pricing, and market competition. Not only this but an active comparison has also been drawn with the past year’s figures.

Analyzing the monthly report as is discussed in this blog, it is clear that in Santa Cruz, California the SFR homes have lost in terms of sales and pricing compared to the previous year.

The percentages are all negative as shown for the month of June 2023. Moreover, the active listings and market competition statistics are encouraging in terms of figures and the information proves handy for calculating median days as well as the reducing prices percentage.

Lastly, all the figures given paint a handy picture for running a business according to the information given and can really help out real estate businessmen.

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