Monthly Market Report June 2023- Bakersfield Real Estate

 Welcome to another blog. This is going to be a series of blogs in which we’ll discuss the real estate market report of various parts of California for the month of June 2023. Our specific focus will be the SFR houses, their sales, pricing, and listings as compared to the previous year. This time we begin with the Monthly Market Report of Bakersfield.  

The report and the statistics values that we are going to discuss in this blog are generated by the California Association of Realtors for which they have thoroughly researched and calculated the median values for monthly sales and prices of SFR.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the real estate market report for June 2023 for Bakersfield, California. So let’s find out together what difference the real estate market has made since last year.

This data might seem complex but we will try to explain it in easy words. So investors as well as buyers can make a fair decision in the future. So, let’s find out what happened in Bakersfield Real Estate.

Single Family Residences (SFR)Monthly Market Report Bakersfield - SFR

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SFR stands for the Single Family Residences which can be rented out. Single-family homes have their own lot as compared to other homes and apartments which have many units.

SFR houses are famous among people because of their feature of providing privacy and big space for a family.  Unlike apartments, SFR houses are affordable and easily manageable, hence renters have a high demand for these sorts of houses.

The monthly real estate market report in this blog for the month of June 2023 is focused on the SFR homes in Bakersfield, California.

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Median Sales PricesMonthly Market Report Bakersfield - Median Sale Prices

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The median is usually that value that falls in the middle while half of the values that fall at its right are higher than it and the other half of values at its left are lower than the median value.

The definition above is quite simple to find out the median sales price of SFR homes. The easiest way to calculate this is by sorting the price list in ascending order and finding the middle value.

As in the monthly report, the median sales and prices of SFR homes are calculated for June 2023 and they are compared with last year’s sales and prices.

The same formula is used to find out the median to make a report on it.

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Monthly Stats and ReportMonthly Stats and Report - Monthly Market Report Bakersfield

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The California Association of Realtors ensures that members conduct their business activities with integrity.

They also make sure the perseverance of the real estate property rights of an individual.

They have calculated the report for the month of June 2023 for various parts of California to find out the number of sales, median prices, and active listings in this month as compared to the last year.

The monthly market report discussed in this blog is for Bakersfield Rea, California’s SFR homes which tells that the sales and prices decreased by some percent in June 2023 in contrast with the last year.

Also, the active listings and the market competition stats report some additional figures helpful in calculating the median days and reduced prices of active listings.

This is not it, for comparison we will add more statistics blogs like this to provide you with a clear picture of different real-estate markets.

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