Things to do in Bakersfield in May 2023

 Fun and games are likable by everyone to divert their minds from the same old routines. Such activities are essential for a healthy lifestyle.  

Events with such activities must be planned now and then in all cities to give the natives an inspiring and entertaining experience.

So, If you are new to Bakersfield and wondering what events and activities the city offers for entertainment, we listed some of the events organized in May at various places in Bakersfield.

Some events are solely for kids so they can do fun activities while others are for younger people. Read this blog till the end to know details about Things to do in Bakersfield in May 2023.

3rd Annual Steve Downs Melanoma Foundation Car Show

Things to do in Bakersfield in 2023: 3rd Annual Steve Downs Melanoma Foundation Car Show

Toby_Parsons / Pixabay

One of the biggest car shows in Bakersfield happens in May and is organized at North Bakersfield Toyota where all the trucks and cars from around and outside the city are welcomed.

Everyone can come here to enjoy it as the entry is free of cost for spectators. But those who want to participate in the car show need to buy the ticket.

The money gathered from this event is donated to animal rescue foundations and used to raise awareness of Melanoma skin disease.

Bakersfield’s May-garita Pub CrawlThings to do in Bakersfield in 2023: Bakersfield's May-garita Pub Crawl

Pexels / Pixabay

This event is May-garita themed where participants can wear tequila tees and margarita color dresses. The event is celebrated with drinks not only margaritas but tequilas, beer, and cocktails too. Some games are also arranged at this event with many prizes of up to $1000 for winners.

Happens in May, this event is organized at Downtown, Bakersfield and tickets for the event remain available online for $15- $25.

People interested in buying tickets for this event can visit the website where they also can get discount codes of up to 25% off.

Bakersfield KidsfestThings to do in Bakersfield in 2023: Bakersfield Kids Fest

HaiBaron / Pixabay

As the name suggests, this event is organized for kids where they can play fun games with other children and do exciting activities like water sliding, face painting, etc.

However, this is not limited to a specific age group. Games are arranged at this event in a way that toddlers, children, kids in their twenties, and families can also play together to make happy memories.

This event is also arranged in May where entry is available through tickets. For more information, can be visited.

In the things to do in Bakersfield in May 2023, blog this one can be perfect for kids

Hoffman Hospice Pickleball PaloozaThings to do in Bakersfield in 2023: Hoffman Hospice Pickleball Palooza

nils9three / Pixabay

Another event is arranged in May where Pickleball Palooza is played and playing participants can buy tickets for $65 while those who just want to visit, watch, and enjoy can enter for free. Interested in buying tickets? You can visit

Registration for playing the game can be made online, also the partner for playing games can be searched on the website.

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Mother’s Day Champagne BrunchThings to Do in Bakersfield in May 2023: Hoffman Hospice Pickleball Palooza

slowowl / Pixabay

Mother’s Day is celebrated in May at Elements Venue where pre-bookings can be done at $36.95. It’s perfect for you and your mother to celebrate together.

So, this happens in two seatings, one is arranged in the morning and the other in the evening.  Also, they arranged entertainment activities apart from the brunch as well.

So why not make the day special for your mother with good food and champagne?

Cults and Classics Indiana Jones  – Raiders of the Lost ArkThings to Do in Bakersfield in May 2023: Cults and Classics Indiana Jones  - Raiders of the Lost Ark

josuemei72 / Pixabay

Want to re-take the journey with Indiana Jones? This classic is being played at the Bakersfield Fox Theater in May. Tickets are available on for $5 where Tiki-Ko’s limited edition drinks are also available.

Succulent Workshop

scottwebb / Pixabay

The workshop where with live lessons it is taught that how a 6 inches succulent arrangement is created in pots. This workshop is arranged in May by Sandstone Goods and Trading.

Moreover, the tickets for this workshop are available on a first come first serve basis, as only limited seats are available at the cost of $45 which can be submitted in installments as well.

Roller Derby – Divas vs V-Town

Norexy_art / Pixabay

One of the free events organized in May is Roller Derby. Arranged by Skateland Inc., the games in this event are played on roller skates by at least two teams of five members each.

Both men and women who know how to ride roller skates can participate and enjoy the games.

15th Annual Rails to Trails Car, Truck & Bike Show

Pexels / Pixabay

This is one of the best events for cars, trucks, and bike lovers where they can show off their skills in driving bikes, and cars in a way that can not be handled by everyone.

This event is also organized in May this year at the Taft, California.

The Soda Crackers

Vinotecarium / Pixabay

The coolest music event at Tehachapi Winery is arranged in May where dancing and wine are enjoyed. Live music, food, wine, dancing, and free parking are the perks of this event.

Bookings for enjoying this event can be done by calling (661) 821-9587 and paying $10.

Matchbox Twenty

Activedia / Pixabay

The concert of the American rock band Matchbox Twenty which is loved by everyone is arranged at The Mechanics Bank Arena in California in May.  Thousands of people attend the concert as this band is loved by all.

Moreover, the Tickets are sold for up to $700 for this concert.

Western Swing Out Weekender

Pexels / Pixabay

Another event is organized at Tehachapi, California in May where various activities like live bands, DJs, Car shows, and various competitions are arranged to entertain people.

This event can be enjoyed by people of all ages from children to adults and tickets can be bought for this one from for $75 and higher price.

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Fun activities and events are a source of spending quality time with loved ones whether family or friends.

Arranging such events at the city level is appreciated, hence California celebrates many events in a year out of which only events that happen in May are listed in this blog.

Whether one likes partying, dancing, food, wine, or music, the listed events bring something for everyone where one can enjoy and play games.

Similarly, kidsfest is an event where kids of all ages with their families can play games and fun activities. Similarly, all other events organized at various places in California can be experienced by people of all age groups.

Just like every month Things to Do in Bakersfield in May 2023 offered a lot of options to choose from, so let me know in the comments which event will you be attending

List of Things to Do in Bakersfield in May 2023

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