Bakersfield: The Hidden Gem of California

 The perfect spot in California with affordable real estate prices is definitely Bakersfield. No, it’s not an overstatement, we have the facts to back it up. In this interesting blog, we will explore why Bakersfield is the best place to live in California and why it should be your top choice for moving to California. 

We will inspect some real numbers to see the prices for an average home to have an exact idea about the real estate market of Bakersfield compared to some other regions. So, let’s begin!

Median Sale Prices:

Bakersfield: Median Sale Prices

Income Situation:

Bakersfield: Median Sale Prices

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Comparing Conventional Loans:

The Average Home:

Comparison between various Cities in CA:

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Plus Points of Bakersfield:


Moving towards Bakersfield, California, is a smart decision. The real estate prices are less here than in other parts of the state.

Your rent in other cities might be higher than the mortgage you have to pay in Bakersfield. Moreover, the place is centrally located, so access to other areas is easy with less commute time.

Owning a house in Bakersfield can lessen your stress, and you can do whatever you want with your own house without stressing about asking your landlord.

So the secret is out. With the most affordable median sales price, buying real estate property in California, Bakersfield is the answer.



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