Affordable House For Sale – New Listing in Corbett Canyon 2024

 You want to invest in the real estate market and are you looking for an affordable house for sale? Then you my friend need to get into it early. The hack here is to buy real estate and wait for the right time to sell.  

Being interested in real estate makes you a potential client who could join the Bakersfield community while getting yourself an affordable house. Lucky for you, an affordable house for sale is waiting for you right here in Bakersfield.

Where in Bakersfield? You may ask. Corbett Canyon is the neighborhood for you. Multiple new listings have erupted over the past few days in this area and we are eager to walk you through each one.

But right now you need to see one house that is hot on the market right now and will surely not stay on the market for long. Brace yourself for your new potential home!

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Background Info

Corbet Canyon is a fine neighborhood in the 11004 zip code. If you are looking for properties in this zip code this should be the first house that you go to.

In case you are having a deja vu on hearing about this let me clarify: I got this house for the previous owners not two years ago. 

They sold it to another family and moved on but somehow the new buyers don’t want to live here. For whatever reason they don’t see this place as home therefore it is back on the market.

Buying and selling real estate can prove extremely useful in California and an example is In Front of You. The sellers will gain a remarkable profit on selling this even if they are selling after such a small amount of time.

The saying remains that you buy real estate and then wait for the market to go up. It is always those who play the long game win. The waiting game may appear tiring but it helps you gain much profit with time. 

All you need to do is to realize its importance and invest early on.

Affordable house for sale

This house has everything one can wish for. It was really hard for the property agents to digest why are the sellers even selling the house. Such a real estate wonder should not be left by anyone.

Why is that? It is a hot ticket into the heart of Bakersfield and one should not give up such an investment. After a few years, the same house can be sold for almost double the price.

Located in the Frontier School district in the northwest of Bakersfield, you get surroundings that offer everything. Even a Walmart is just around the corner. And how can you miss the park which is what every parent is looking for their child? It is right there for you.

This means you have access to almost all necessities of life. Everything is simply a walk away from you.

House Interior 

Wait till you hear about the interior of the house. You will wonder how a real estate wonder can be this perfect. The house was built in 2017 and had hardly two owners so it is fairly new and in good shape.

Starting with a fire pit the earlier owners built, it has given the place a cool yet traditional look. But wait, that’s not the only add-on feature in the house. 

There is also a plank wall that is completely removable if you wish to make a change.

Additionally, there is a pull-through garage. You can get up to three cars in it. That simply sounds great. Extra space in a house can never be too much. It can always be utilized.

So if you are one of those hoarders who are always looking for places to keep your stuff this house is your match.

Buying Real Estate as an Investment

Investing in an Affordable house for sale

The new owners of this house did not want to stay in this house for some reason. they had it picked up at 500 thousand dollars but the selling price has come to 560 in a short period.

What does that mean? It means that the value of real estate has increased even if not remarkably still a lot in a short period.

So even if you do not intend to stay at a property, buying it as part of a profitable deal can also prove useful for you. 

Wanting a house in the zip code 93321 zip code is not that hard for you considering this one is available. But if you don’t make yourself move quickly you will end up losing a fortune.

Want to know more facts about buying real estate? Check out this blog.

How to Find More Affordable Homes in Bakersfield?

How to Find More Affordable Houses for Sale in Bakersfield

It is not always easy to get into the Californian real estate market without expert help. If you want affordable and cheap houses for sale you need to look for a good realtor.

In this case, we are doing a double-client transaction meaning the buyer and the seller both are our clients. This does not occur very frequently. So it says something about us as good realtors.

You can easily contact us if you want to be a part of the Bakersfield community. There is no need to hesitate in this matter since you would be doing yourself and us a favor. 

Before finding an affordable house. Find out how much can you afford.

It’s a Wrap!

It is not every day that you find a state-of-the-art, affordable house for sale in California that too as a future investment.

There is no compromise on the interior and the place is spacious and airy giving it a rich outlook. Why should anyone leave a real estate wonder like this?

Leaving a great opportunity like this would be nothing but a grave error that you would regret in the coming years. To save yourself from any such future regrets buy this cheap house in Bakersfield today.

Even if getting this place is not on your wishlist but you want to call Bakersfield your home you must contact us to check out your options.


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