Top 4 Farmers Markets in Bakersfield

 Need a refresher by the end of your week at Bakersfield? Join us at the Farmer Markets in Bakersfield.  

Farmer’s market is not only a way to facilitate local buyers but also to support local businesses that may be tiny but make the backbone of any town. The local vendors are rewarded for their efforts while the customers get fresh stuff at a meager price.

One of the most amazing things about Bakersfield is the flourishing local businesses and refreshing local produce. The farmers market is one celebration of these two facts. 

The marketplace is full of refreshing new sale items at costs that will shake you. The fruit, vegetables, and the local produce cost almost half of what it costs at retail and you don’t want to miss a stroll down this way.

So let us take you for a little wandering at the local Farmer’s market and what’s the kicker? We have not one but four farmer markets in Bakersfield for you. So without much further ado let’s start with the first one.

F Street Farmers Market

Photo by Jo Kassis

Starting with the amazing F Street Market is so-called because it is located at F and 28th Street. It happens on every Saturday of the month. But on every second Saturday, the marketplace takes a magical turn. It is grander than the other Saturdays.

Every local vendor, every local shop, and every local eatery spring up out of thin air to be a part of this grand event.

It gives a complete festival-like vibe with numerous food trucks and music being played along.

Other than that every Saturday from 8 to 12 you can enjoy an average farmer’s market at Bakersfield. But if you want to have something extra, the second Saturday is your thing.

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Hagan Oaks Farmers Market

Photo by Erik Scheel

Next up on our list of Farmer markets in Bakersfield is the sensational Hagan Oaks Farmers Market.

It is located at the Kaiser Parking lot which is just across the street from Hagan Oaks. Therefore it is called the Hagan Oaks Farmers Market.

If you are a healthy-eating, fitness-enthusiast then this marketplace is for you. The products present at the farmers market are more health-focused.

But it is not just about the healthy produce. The entire market has that vibe as you see doctors sitting out there to service the appearing customers.

After every shop or two, you see a chiropractor or a dentist waiting to assist you.

But don’t let this fact turn you off as the food trucks and music are also present over here.

Aside from this, the place boasts multiple varieties of savory bread, sourdough, and other fresh items. 

Don’t miss it every Sunday from 9 to 2 at the Kaiser Facility. 

River Lakes Farmers Market 

Photo by Alesia Kozik:

If you are looking for a farmer’s Market in the Northwestern part of Bakersfield you can always go for River Lakes Farmer Market.

It is exactly located at 38 25 River Lakes. The zip code of this area is one of the most wanted: 9 3 3 1 2. So like the F Street Farmers Market, it also happens every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.

Even though this market is located in the northwestern part of Bakersfield still there is no shortage of fresh produce over here. Particularly, the quality and quantity of nuts are unmatchable at this farmer’s market.

Other than that the market has everything a regular farmers market has. Vendors, art, music, and whatnot and whonot. You want to be at this place if you want to be part of the reviving event. 

For residents of the Northwest, this farmers market is an ideal option for a visit. And if you are not a Bakersfield resident, well what is stopping you from becoming one? Certainly not this amazing Farmer’s market.

Baco Market

Photo by RDNE Stock project

So we have left the banger for the end. The last of the list is called the Baco Market. Baco is the nickname for Bakersfield and since it is a famous farmers market of Bakersfield, it is called the Baco Market.

Baco Market officials are active and approachable on Instagram. You can follow them for details as well. 

This farmers market is located downtown so it wouldn’t be hard to find. You can find it just off Truckston by the Mechanics Bank Arena, famous for glamourous events and shows. So it works as a convention center for almost all major events around town, especially music-related ones.

Baco market is a combination of thrift places and a farmers market. Since it only happens once a month it is a rare opportunity to enjoy this event. The local food and wine along with local shopkeepers, vendors, and music, is a good package deal for everyone. People around this area love it.

But thrift buyers would be more glad to be here. So if you are thrifty you don’t want to miss Baco Market Downtown.

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Its a Wrap

So it’s a wrap. You have an amazing list of Framer Markets in Bakersfield to visit if you are a new Bakersfield resident or a potential buyer. Finding your way around the local farmer’s market would be easier now since you have the best options in every part of the town.

All you need to do is remain updated about the locations and timings of the Farmer’s Markets since they are prone to change. And rest you can enjoy the local produce, music, food, wine, and even a little health facility at your Local Farmer’s Market. 

And if you are looking for something grander you always have the second Saturday where everything is bigger and better. 

If you want to be part of these local markets in any other capacity you have plenty of opportunity at your disposal. So my friends don’t be cooped up inside your house on a sunny when you can be a part of something as refreshing as the Farmer Markets in Bakersfield.

Close your week by visiting your nearest Farmer’s Market and find out the truth of this refreshing experience first-hand!


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