Things to do in Bakersfield – May 2024 Edition

 Things to do in Bakersfield – May edition is definitely a blast. There are tons of things to look forward to when you think of spending your May at Bakersfield. 

Don’t be mistaken that it would be the same, camp sort of activities with no variation. This time of the year Bakersfield has all sorts of activities for you, your kids, and even adults in your family. 

No one would feel left out. So what are these amazing activities? Let’s hear them!

Jersey Boys at Stars Theatre Restaurant

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

On 2nd May Stars Theater brings you the most phenomenal pop music band the Jersey Boys. This band of 4 has given multiple soulful hits along with electrifying performances throughout the country.

So pop fans, catch it between the 2nd to 11th of May at the Stars Theatre Restaurant. The party will go on from 6 pm to 3 am. Be sure to come prepared with your energy levels up!

You can get the details and your tickets between 50 to 80 dollars online at

Kern Oil Festival

Photo by A P

Want to take your family to a productive exhibition? The Kern Oil Festival is just that. Conducted on the 11th of May between 10 am to 3 pm, this Festival generates awareness regarding the biggest economic engines of the area and their impact on the community.

At Stramler Park, the event also has a specific kids zone that engages kids in productive activities where they can learn about science and technology. It is perfect for your kid’s curiosity.

Other than this the event also gives educational charity through generation of avenue and there are equipment displays for those interested. With free admission, what else can you wish for in a productive day?

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Line Dancing with Joel Hoffman

Photo by Kampus Production:

Some days one wants fun and interactive activities to break the monotony. Luckily for you, the Temblor Brewing Co. is brewing the plan of Line Dancing. The sessions will be with none other than the legend Joel Hoffman himself who will bring you out of your couch potato phase.

One session comprises 4 hours and per session cost is 10 dollars. So you are free to have as many lessons as you like. The sessions are on the 12th and begin at 3:30 pm.

Pete Davidson: Prehab Tour

Photo by Askar Abayev

Comic evenings are always a breath of fresh air on boring routine days. So the Pete Davidson Prehab Tour is going to be a legendary event. You will laugh holding your bellies till you cry out on the 13th of May at the Fox Theatre.

No cell phones or gadgets are allowed inside the event venue to give a real, raw experience of all the moments you can enjoy without distractions. The tickets start at 45 bucks and can be purchased online at

Honor Flight Melodrama Fundraiser Night

Photo by cottonbro studio

A bit of melodrama is the flavor of life. And so the Bakersfield Melodrama brings you a local written show of drama. The event is enjoyable and celebrated as a Fundraiser to benefit the Honor Flight Kern County.

Your hilarious evening would fund a great cause and foundation on the 16th of May. You just have to spend three hours between 6 to 9 pm and contribute along with having fun at the same time. The ticket is 35 dollars and can be booked by contacting 661.477.9336

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Mike Zito

Photo by cottonbro studio

No matter how many events you attend, the way music helps you relax no other activity does. So you have many options to enjoy music but at Bakersfield, you can do it in style by attending the concert of Mike Zito and having an evening of your choice at World Records.

You don’t want to miss it so save the date. It is on 17th May at 6 pm at World Records. The tickets are for 65 dollars and more and can be purchased at the venue or by calling 661.325.1982.

“Let’s UnWined” Paint Party

Photo by Steve Johnson

You shouldn’t let the kid inside you die. Or else life would be miserably boring. Join the paint party being called Let’s UnWined and have a memorable painting experience for merely 40 dollars on the 17th of May. I bet you will never forget this date afterward.

The pre-traced canvasses provided for your leisure ensure that you enjoy the painting process and let your mind clear out. In short, you can unwind and relax for two hours between 7 and 9 pm. The tickets are available at

Bakersfield KidsFest 2024

Photo by RDNE Stock project

If you think Bakersfield is limited in terms of kids’ activities, you cannot be more wrong. You are welcome to join the Bakersfield Kidsfest 2024 at Bakersfield’s very own Stramler Park. Taking place on 18th May the event covers a wide variety of activities.

Children of all ages are welcome to play and create lasting memories with their families. The event is informative in the regard that children will be able to learn about community resources. The tickets are available at for as cheap as 5 dollars. So go enjoy the hours from 11 am to 3 pm on the 18th.

Cody Jinks

Photo by Pixabay

So Cody Jinks is touring Bakersfield. Why would you want to miss that? On 19th May you can catch his live performance starting from 7 pm. The ticket is 50 dollars and up and is easily available at

Watching this award-winning, independent artist perform will be the highlight of your month. The event venue is Mechanics Bank Theater. Don’t forget!

Cherry Picking at the Little Purple Barn

Photo by Michael Burrows

Being close to nature is a great escape. If you are exhausted with the daily grind you can go for a little cherry-picking at the Murray Farms. The best thing about this event is that it is not limited to one day. You can visit between the 18th, 19th, 25th, and 26th.

The cherry picking will be a refreshing experience and will go on all day long from 9 am to 5 pm.

The entry starts at as low as 7 dollars and goes up to 25 dollars. So it’s cheap, it’s soothing, it’s fun, and in short, it’s a win-win situation for you.

Lightning in a Bottle Festival 2024

Photo by cottonbro studio

Festivals are not limited to Bakersfield. The Lightning in a Bottle festival holds this true. The event will be at the Beuna Vista Lake and will go on all day long for almost 6 days between 22 to 27th of May. That’s a whole lot of fun.

The event will cover camping, dance, music, arts, and other leisure activities to mark a celebration of life. Your participation will enlighten your memories till the very end.

The entry passes are available for sale at 360 bucks. You can even get your pass online at

Cults and Classics: Down Periscope

Photo by Donald Tong

Every month a cult classic movie viewing is done at the Bakersfield Fox Theatre. Following the trend this time Down Periscope is there to entertain the audiences. The viewing is on 20th May starting at 7 pm.

It will prove to be a light, relaxing evening for you if you are looking to relax under a budget. The ticket costs just 5 dollars and is conveniently available at so if you are in the mood to do something fun yet take care of your pocket this is your activity for the month.

Meet and Greet 2024 Bakersfield Train Robbers

Photo by Pixabay

Want to meet Bakersfield’s very own Baseball League? Yes, we are talking about the Train Robbers. If you are a sports fan this is your target event. You can meet your favorite players and have a memorable chat with these celebrities on the 21st of May.

The event is at Sam Lynn Ballpark between 6 and 730 pm. And the best part? It is totally FREE!

AEW Dynamite

Photo by Skitterphoto:

Looking for something that gives you a little more adrenaline rush? You can always go for the AEW Dynamite. The professional wrestling league will not only take off your frustration but once that happens you will be able to cheer for your favorite players.

It will be happening at the Mechanics Bank Arena on 22nd May starting at 4.30 in the evening. The tickets are for sale between 20 to 90 dollars and can conveniently be bought online at

Bee Gees Tribute/ Bee Gees Gold

Photo by Elviss Railijs Bitāns:

Bakersfield is celebrating a huge performer John Acosta who performs as Barry Gib at the Bee Gees events. The performances have been going on for 14 years now.

This time it is at Bakersfield. You can’t miss out on the enthusiasm of Acosta at the Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame on 23rd May at 7 pm. The ticket starts at 45 dollars and is available at

Glennville Rodeo

Photo by Andrew Foster

Last but not the least. The perfect fun ending to the perfect exciting month. The Glennville Rodeo brings mutton busting, roping, barrel racing, and much more to Bakersfield. The event starts on the 24th and goes on till the 26th from 2 pm to 6 pm daily.

The decided venue by the Glennville Association is the Glennville Rodeo Grounds. so if you choose to end your month with the Glennville Rodeo the tickets are for 15 dollars and available at

Bottom Line

As usual, Bakersfield never fails to provide the best activities all around the month. Things to do in Bakersfield – May edition is no exception as well. You can have fun throughout the month or go to any event of your choice.

The widespread events are according to every age group and kind of person you are. A wide range for you to pick and choose from. So for residents, it is a blessing you must enjoy it, and for potential residents well, what are you still waiting for?

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