Things to do in Bakersfield – June 2024 Edition

 Another month. Another target list of fun that one wants to achieve in Bakersfield. Like every month, June is a great time to be present at Bakersfield. Things to do in Bakersfield – June Edition brings a list of things that will enhance your bucket list for the month.  

The sun is in full swing and residents are outside enjoying summer holidays, tanning themselves in the welcoming heat of the summer.

But are there options other than tanning in your outer space? There certainly are. Let’s start!

Concerts by the Fountain

Photo by Wendy Wei

It isn’t unlikely you will start your month with some music at Bakersfield. Therefore, you can enjoy pop, country, and rock music at the Concerts by the Fountain on the 6th of June.

You can dance to the best tunes at The Marketplace and book your ticket beforehand. Save the date and show up for Boogie Shooz’s amazing performances live and recorded.

Movies in the Park

Photo by Roberto Nickson

For movie junkies, the Bakersfield Sports Village brings a lively opportunity. You can enjoy a ton of movies with your family and friends. 

The movies will start on the 7th of June at dusk and the best part: IT IS FREE. So for those on a budget and looking forward to enjoying a picnic outdoors with family.

Remember your picnic baskets and comfy chairs and make an evening out of it.

World Knit on Public Day

Photo by Diego Pontes

The 8th of June marks a very productive day in Bakersfield. The activity you and your kids will cherish is knitting and it is brought to you by the Beale Memorial Library.

In addition to being a free event, you can connect with fellow knitters and enjoy a time outdoors learning and polishing a useful skill. 

From 11 am to 2 pm you can have an entertaining and engaging time with your family especially vacationing kids would find it more pleasurable than others.

So make sure to take your kids to the Beale Memorial Library for this event.

Beale Band Concerts

Photo by Wendy Wei

Beale Band Concerts have a motto of introducing audiences to the kind of music that must be experienced. So bringing this musical experience to as many listeners as possible the event will take place on four different dates.

That’s right, Bakersfield residents can enjoy these concerts at Beale Park Amphitheater on the 9, 16, 23, and 30th of June. This means every Sunday in June you can enjoy the beautiful symphonies of the band.

The kicker here is that this event is also open to all and completely free of charge. Starting at 8 pm every Sunday, you can get further details at 

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Sesame Street Live!

Photo by Matthis Volquardsen

Who hasn’t grown up watching Sesame Street? Everyone knows the familiar faces of Elmo, Abby, Cookie, and friends. The most amazing thing would be if they performed live for you.

So just like a childhood dream coming true, Sesame Street will join you for a live performance on the 12th of this month.

Be ready for the laughter and fun at 6 pm on the 12th. The tickets are available for you and your kids between 26.59 – 67.50 dollars online at

Don’t forget to join your childhood friends at the Mechanics Band Theatre on the 12th. It will be truly magical.

Red Not Chilli Peppers

Photo by Josh Sorenson

15 June brings you another musical event. If you are a fan of Funk Rock, Red Chilli Peppers is presenting a tribute to alternate music. 

It’s a one-of-a-kind concert that will energize the audience by reviving funk music. The venue is the Nile Theater.

For a mere 30 bucks, you can have a funky musical experience and lighten up an evening of the boring summer holidays.

The tickets are conveniently available at Be there at 8!

Party in the Garden

Photo by PNW Production

Not a fan of concerts? No need to worry. There are other things you can engage in on the 15th of June. One such fantastical event is organized at Mill Creek Park and goes by the name Party in the Garden. It truly is an amazing party. 

The event is a mix of food, music, and community building. It starts at 6 pm and the entry ticket is 60 dollars. So if you haven’t been to a party in a long time here is your chance.

You can get your tickets at

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Frankie Quinones (Comedy Show)

Photo by Monica Silvestre

After the monotony of the entire work year holidays should bring a bit of comic element to lighten up moods. Therefore Historic Fox Theatre has arranged for you a show of none other than the comedy king Frankie Quinones.

The tickets start at 25 dollars and go up to 65 dollars. The stand-up comedy event will take place on 15th June at 7:30 pm sharp. Don’t miss a few laughs with your friends and family.

You can even get the entry tickets while sitting at home online at So this entirely relaxing event at Bakersfield.

Mento Buru and DJ Mikey

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán

Charity events are a highlight of any month at Bakersfield. They not only offer you fun but make you understand compassion and your contribution to different causes.

This month the Mento Buru and DJ Mikey event is organized to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for their efforts for the survivors of these horrible diseases.

This is a two-day event being held from 15th to 16th June at the Bottle Shock Wine and Brew and will be a venue of dancing rhythms along with musical intelligentsia of the legendary band. You can get your tickets at

The show will start at 8 pm. Your 5 to 25-dollar ticket will help someone fight Leukemia.

The Dad Games

Photo by Mikechie Esparagoza

If you are looking forward to bonding with your children over the summer this is your chance. Dave and Buster’s Arcade is allowing you to win your child over with fun Dad Games. 

The place also offers food but additionally, there is more you can win. You can win free games for the entire year. So on 16th June be ready at noon for the fun moments you will be having with your kids.

The tickets are available for 35 to 50 dollars at Let’s do something unconventional for one evening!

A Sparkling Night Paint Event

Want an event that is soothing and takes up less of your energy? Well, you can always go for the Sparkling Night Paint Event. Not only does this event bring out your creativity but also relaxes your frustrated mind by putting all your thoughts on the canvas.

All you need to do is pay for the entry which is 30 dollars, bring your snacks and friends and all canvas and paints will be provided to you. 

The event will be on the 19th from 5:45 to 8 pm at the Bottleshock Wine and Brew. No prior experience is needed. Just grab your painting partners and be at the venue on time. 

You can get the entry tickets at

Family Fun Night

Photo by Brett Sayles:

Family fun night? Sounds like a place to be. McMutrey Aquatic Center on the 21st brings you a magical family night event. 

From interactive games to water slide fun, the event covers all the activities that mark the summer fun. 

The show is a 3-hour program between 6 pm to 9 pm and entry is as cheap as 5 dollars per head. The tickets are also convenient to get and you can get any more info you need at

What else can you possibly wish for? You can get these perks while visiting your local recreational parks. Convenience at best should be called.

Candlelight: The Best of Beatles

Photo by Thibault Trillet

This show is another effort to bring talented musicians into town. On the 22nd of June, you can witness the magic of music at the DORE Theatre CSUB. The show will start at 6:30 and go on to end at 7:45 at night.

Tickets Are available online at starting at 25 dollars to as costly as 50 dollars per person.

So In case you have not been able to relax at a musical event this is your chance. Grab your tickets today.

One Night in Memphis

Photo by Dom Gould

As the month begins to come to a close, a loud band comes in rock and roll. One Night in Memphis is a rock n roll event about to take place on the 28th of June.

The Historic Fox Theatre has once again brought an unconventional musical show that will keep you on your feet from start to end.

It will start at 730 pm but when it ends there is no limit. The fun may go on for days. So if you don’t want to miss that fun book your tickets at today.

It may cost 45 to 60 dollars but you can never put a price on all the fun you will have.

Lee Brice

Photo by Edward Eyer

Mechanics Bank Theatre is here with a two-day event to engage you in June. From 27 to 28 you can enjoy the thrill of watching none other than Lee Brice performing on stage!

For American Country music lovers this is an ideal situation to watch a celebrity and enjoy his tunes for just 55 to 100 dollars. The tickets can be bought online at

Be at the show at 730 pm sharp because who knows when it will truly end!

Science Saturday

Photo by Vladimir Srajber

Bakersfield residents are going to say farewell to June by celebrating a Science Saturday. The event is a great way to learn about technology and get hands-on scientific demonstrations from science groups.

This will not only be an educational opportunity for children but also an excellent way of motivating them about scientific discoveries. 

The date is 29th June and the venue is Beuna Vista Museum. Don’t forget to be there at 11 am to 2 pm. The fee is minimal between 6 to 10 dollars but the learning you get is priceless. 

So do visit this amazing event on the last Saturday of the month.


Well, you should have all the good feelings about the most thrilling June at Bakersfield. For residents and potential real estate buyers, this is an excellent opportunity to get to know the vibe of the area along with understanding the community.

So why miss this two-fold opportunity where you are offered information coated with fun? Be there at any of these above-mentioned events and you would be glad to be a part of the Bakersfield community. We hope that Things to Do in Bakersfield – June 2024 edition has items that will go on your bucket list!

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