Things to do in Bakersfield: July 2024 Edition

 Everything is sunkissed in Bakersfield as the summer vacations continue into July. Summer days drag on and the more you remain cooped up inside the more you feel the monotony of the long hours. The best thing you can do is enjoy what July in Bakersfield has to offer you. Things to do in Bakersfield: July Edition has a lot to offer. 

Let’s find out together what you do this summer!

Picture with a Pony

Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

Starting with something as simple as a picture with a Pony, 2nd July eases you in all the fun moments awaiting you.

The event is to take place at the Park by the Riverwalk and welcomes young parents for a day outdoors. Children can enjoy the presence of ponies and the fresh air will clear off the minds of the adults.

The event will start at 6:30 and continue till 8 at night. There is plenty of time to enjoy it and plenty of time before and after if you don’t have any other commitments. 

Plus the heat will be lesser in the evening so it’s a win-win.

Breakfast with Bears

Photo by Rasmus Svinding

For wildlife lovers 7th July is a treat. You can have breakfast with the bears at the Calm Zoo and enjoy them in their natural habitat.

This event is completely safe and will cheer up a dull day by starting with an adventure at the morning meal.

The event will start at 8 am. For details like the entry tickets, timings, and event schedule you can visit

Adult Skate Night

Photo by Laura Stanley

If the above events aren’t remotely exciting to you, you can always go skating. Luckily this July Skateland has brought you an adult skating opportunity.

It’s on 7th of July. Save the date. A 3-hour skating night for adults aged 18 and above. The timing is between 6 to 9 pm when you can truly let the kid inside you have some fun.

The entry pass is for 10 dollars. If there is anything else you would want to know you can always visit their website at

Wine and Weld Night with Juliette’s Jewelry

Fan of happy hour? You are going to love the Wine and Weld Night on the 10th. Have some wine tasting, enjoy socializing, and get yourself permanent jewelry by Juliette.

It’s a great time pass plus you will have something to show for the time you spent i.e. welded, brand new jewelry, putting an end to getting jewelry on and off forever. 

The event will take place at Wine Me Up from 530 to 730 pm. For further info, you can always visit

Charcuterie 101 Workshop


Fun should not be just for the sake of fun. You should always get something productive output from it. So for French cuisine lovers, Bakersfield brings you the Charcuterie 101 Workshop.

You can learn the basics of Charcuterie like making bacon, hams, and other meats in this workshop on the 11th of July.

Since it’s a skill teaching event, the ticket is 75 bucks. So be there at Temblor Brewing from 6 to 8 pm and make something useful out of your time. 

For more information and tickets you can get on at

Summer Movie Series: Cars

Photo by jason hu

Summers are not just for activities but also to sit back and relax. With a few snacks, a couple beers, and a movie on screen you can make a memorable evening with your friends and family.

Fortunately, this time Fox Theatre has brought you a family favorite, Cars. The animated movie will be screening on 14th July and is one of the many to be screened this summer.

The tickets are as cheap as 5 dollars and the time is 1 pm. You can grab your tickets at

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Uncle Kracker Concert

Photo by Wendy Wei

Looking for something a bit more on the fancy side? Look no further. Buck Owens Crystal Palace brings you the unique Uncle Kracker Concert.

You can enjoy this musical night for 42 dollars and the tickets go up to 50 dollars max. The American singer and musician will sweep you off your feet with his charismatic presence and rocking songs.

Do not miss it! The melodious event will be on 19th July and commence at 8 pm. You can conveniently get your tickets online at

Plant Night

Photo by Prathyusha Mettupalle from Pexels

All the events sound fun but nothing like Planting Night at Jerry’s Pizza and Pub. 

The evening is full of fun tasks. Not only do you plant your plant in a pot but you also get to paint it. 

Moreover, with each buy, you get a chance to spin the wheel which guarantees you the chance of winning amazing gifts. So you get to enjoy delicious pizza, a few drinks at the bar, and also get a gift? It’s a perfect scenario!

The planting night is on 24th July from 730 pm onwards. Amazingly there is no entry fee. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? For further information, you can visit Jerry’s Pizza and Pub website at

Summer Movie Series: Finding Nemo

Photo by Ron Deviney

So the summer movie series continues at Bakersfield. This time Fox Theatre brings you another classic animated movie Finding Nemo. It’s funny, courageous, and simply just enjoyable.

The movie will be screened at 1 pm on the 28th of July. The best thing is that the tickets are cheap starting at just 5 bucks. And even better than that you can get your tickets online at

So grab your snacks and get yourself into comfortable clothes as you will attend a great movie screening soon. Save the date!

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What’s Next?

Well, next you need to get your best clothes, wipe your shoes clean, get your family and friends on board, and hope from one fun event to another throughout Bakersfield. 

The events are planned in line with the weather conditions and you can always choose the ones better suited to you and convenient for everyone.

So cheers to a fun-packed July at Bakersfield. I hope you enjoyed Things to Do in Bakersfield: July Edition!

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