Reviewing 3.7 Million Luxury Estate in Bakersfield

 Looking for a great real estate investment with a lot of money is not hard but finding the perfect property that is worth your hard-earned 3.7 million dollars is a tough nut to crack. Enters a Luxury Estate! 

Fortunately in Bakersfield, you can buy a luxury property for just about 3.7 million dollars and live off the luxurious estate of 18217 Tiata Avenue with everything in your reach. This starts with:

8 bedrooms

8.5 bath home


2.4 acres along with 3 bedrooms!

You can buy what really aligns with your demands. There is no shortage of options. Our “The Bakersfield Realtor Youtube Channel” has shown broker’s open houses which are nothing short of luxurious castles. Furthermore, Bakersfield real estate especially Bakersfield commercial real estate requires deep digging to be found and that is exactly what the realtor has done in this short video.


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Things to Remember!

It takes almost an hour to scrutinize the house completely as it has numerous features that need to be explained in meticulous detail before you put down your money.

The place is only open for visitors who are pre-approved and should begin the tour with the help of the listing agent.

You should take out extra time before going to the property to view it in detail and be completely satisfied. For other queries or a little peek into the mansion, you can always watch the video on the Bakersfield realtor YouTube video posted at the end of this detailed review.

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Winding Up

This is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase such a great luxury estate. For 3.7 million dollars you can have a lifetime’s worth of useful real estate where you can live or simply visit as a peaceful getaway when exhausted from the troubling metropolitan routine.

The main house, guest house, and backyard are perfect for someone looking to buy not only an investment property but also a place where you can stay peacefully away from all the monotonous hassles.

Video: 3.7 Million Luxury Estate


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