Part 2: Graham Grove’s New Bakersfield Construction Project by Woodside Homes

 Welcome to the part 2 blog of Graham Grove’s new Bakersfield construction project by Woodside Homes in Bakersfield, California.  

In part 1 of this Bakersfield new construction blog, we explored three model houses, of which Cedar and Birch were single-story and Mariposa was two-story with up to 5 bedrooms options and prices starting from $437k, $460k, and $512k for each respectively.

As this blog is the sequel to the previous one, here we are going to discuss some more houses that are pre-built and ready for sale by Woodside Homes.

Additionally, those houses are based on some other floor plans which are not discussed previously. So, let’s make your home search easy and explore and finalize the piece of construction in Bakersfield that will be your next home.

Maple Floor Plan

ClassicallyPrinted / Pixabay

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Evergreen Floor Plan

Designmodul / Pixabay

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Bakersfield construction project Graham Grove’s by Woodside Homes in Central California offers a great construction facility with 5 different floor plans.

Bakersfield is one of the finest places in California with a great community and out of all Bakersfield’s new construction projects.

Woodside Homes is unique since it offers great services for building your home there.

The house floor plans discussed above are by Woodside Homes which is one of the unique construction companies in Bakersfield, offer great prices and realtors can help you get one for less than $500k.

Maple and Evergreen houses described in this blog are for sale right now and are ready to move in.

Also, check out the video below for more details.




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