Part 1: Graham Grove’s New Bakersfield Construction Project by Woodside Homes

 Newbie in the Bakersfield real estate market? Looking for your new home in this scattered sea of Bakersfield’s new construction projects? Well, say no more! Stop the head-scratching and stay with us in this two-part blog about Graham Grove to make your perfect pick. 

Construction in Bakersfield is on the rise, getting the perfect house within your budget can be a challenge but not if you have help, and in this guide, we will do just that!

We’ll be covering Graham Grove’s model homes which is a new Bakersfield construction project that offers everything you need. They’re not only affordable but can fulfill any of your requirements for your dream home.

So, stay with us, as we cover these new constructions in Bakersfield in this two-part blog, and for your ease, we have included the video in which we cover all these so you can get a better idea about these model homes.

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Cedar Floor Plan – Graham Grove Cedar Floor Plan - Graham Grove

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Birch Floor Plan – Graham Grove Birch Floor Plan - Graham Grove

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Buying a House for the first time? Check out this three-part
guide to make it easier for you.

Mariposa Floor Plan – Graham Grove

Mariposa Floor Plan - Graham Grove

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Moving to Bakersfield, California is a smart decision since the real estate there is less expensive. Bakersfield Construction Project, Woodside Homes are offering Graham Grove which consists of multiple floor plans including one and two-story buildings.

Cedar and Birch’s plans are single-story while the Mariposa has a two-story building with a nice view from upstairs.

The price of Cedar starts from $437k, Birch from $460k, and Mariposa from $512k, which are reasonable rates for such big houses. This is surprising since construction companies in Bakersfield usually don’t pull out all the stops in this price range, unlike woodside homes.

We are not done yet, we will introduce you to some more houses in part 2 of our blog that are not model houses and are ready for you to buy. So, head on over to the next part to find out more about Bakersfield’s new homes.




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