Moving to Kansas Made Easy – The Charm of Southern Kansas

 California is doubtlessly an amazing state to live in. but recent stats show how a lot of people are saying goodbye to moving to other states. As charming as California is, people move when they see the wind in their favor. Moving to Kansas is a new trend in the wind. 

If people are offered more facilities in other localities, understandably, they will not let go of such opportunities. Kansas is one such state where the opinion of people has shifted.

Now you need adequate information on Kansas and the real estate market there if you wish to make a move. And guess who will assist you in that? This article is right here!

We will be covering the Central Kansas area, Northeast Oklahoma, and Southeast. The information is not limited when it comes to broader things in Kansas. You can also check out our video at the end which discusses moving to Kansas at length!

East of Wichita

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East of Wichita City you can find plenty of green patches. Trees are in a great number over here. The area around Wichita is considered central to Southeast Kansas, so it is probably more developed than far-off places in Kansas. 

We will talk about the other areas in more detail below.

Southeast Kansas

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So leading to Southeast Kansas is a green area with pastures and prairies, cool as the breeze flows. 

Southeastern Kansas is fairly more populated than other parts of Kansas. The towns and cities are larger in this part. 

Montgomery County, Wichita, independence, and Coffeeville are some of the towns and neighborhoods in the southeast. 

One of the smaller towns is Cherryville. It has a tiny population of about 30,000 people. The towns mentioned above have an even smaller population than this.

Local Produce

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The best thing about southeastern Kansas is the local produce. From beef to poultry you can get anything in a jiffy. Why? Everybody owns cattle here so this kind of stuff is mainly from one’s backyard.

Farmers own 80 to 160 acres here and operate their farms locally. This farmer population is huge.

Slower-paced Country life

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The question is do you want to leave the hustle and bustle of California to settle in the slower-paced country life of Kansas? If you do, then the place is perfect for you.

Kansas is filled with glimpses of country life. The property is pretty affordable too. Life may be slower-paced than all the big cities nearby. 

So if you feel like missing out on the city fun Kansas City and Utah are about two hours away while Tulsa is at an hour’s distance.

Affordable Property

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Property in southeastern Kansas is affordable compared to other states. The average cost of property starts at 50,000 dollars.

You can find farms or actual houses for a fraction of the cost. Finding a mansion with a budget of 1.5 million is even possible.

Looking to buy Affordable property in Bakersfield? Check our Corbett Canyon.


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So having a cheap home in Kansas is not enough if there are no job opportunities. People move to places where they can find better career options or just to make a living. 

Other than farming, a lot of people are into John Deere Manufacturing. Most people work at the refinery. It is called CVR energy and a lot of manpower is required to run it.

There is Amazon that also has jobs for residents. Like Amazon, there are other international firms like Cobalt Boats always looking for qualified employees.

Natural landscape and weather

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The southeastern area is adorned with captivating lakes and a lot of them. You can find 2 3 lakes almost after 20 minutes of travel. There are two to three lakes in every county.

These are public places where you can enjoy boating and swimming and a bit of family time.

If you are interested in having a waterfront property, private lakes are also present. You can construct your dream home near those lakes.

Other than lakes there are parks like Elk City Park where you can enjoy hiking at the trails.

The area has plenty of greenery around. It is a lot less sandier and has a lot less heat meaning there are no Scorpios here. The southeastern part of the state is in the heart of Indian country.


The city of Independence is about 1535 miles. If you are looking for a house on a budget this is an ideal place. 

The moving score to this area is great. You can find jobs and houses conveniently. The properties are as much as 150,000 dollars which is reasonably priced.

The city has seen house appreciation from 2020 to 2024 however now the market is becoming balanced. This means this is time for potential buyers to strike.

The housing cost is affordable health and fitness are great. The education system is not appreciated but facts are facts. Aur quality index is improved than Bakersfield and so is the commute. It is much better.

The cultural and entertainment scores are equally amazing and the area is accessible to every necessity of life. The weather is also varied with four seasons every year. This weather situation is rare in other American states. 

Overall the quality of life at Independence is amazing and you would want to be there.

Other things to consider

Education-wise, community colleges are present in southeastern Kansas. The unemployment rate is also lower compared to Bakersfield.

Additional industries are being started including the soybean industry which create more job opportunities for residents in the future.

The income tax is the same as in California at 5.7 percent but with such lower property rates, it is not like the government is taking a huge sum from your pocket. It’s all balanced out.

Sales tax and grocery costs are the same as in the other states. Entrepreneurs, plumbers, electricians, and almost all trades are welcome in Kansas as all these skillful people are required every day.

The state is developing at a quick pace. Every day construction goes on and new neighborhoods are built overnight.  If you wish to invest in developing property for.commercial purposes the state waives off property tax for five years for you. That’s a lot of money in your bank!

You have Costco here and even Sam’s Club. But it is a 30 to 40-minute drive in Oklahoma. Furthermore, the area has two Walmarts to boast.

Historic Properties in Kansas

Southeastern Kansas has amazing historic Victorian-style houses available on the market. One such house is in Fredonia, Kansas and it is a sight to be seen.

It is a three-level house with an attic, basement, and living space on the first and second floors.

The detailing and woodwork show the true craftsmanship of the maker. Along with super amazing hardwood floors and airy, encased windows, the property is 3000 square feet for only 160,000 dollars!

That’s free for all the features it has. Plus it is energy efficient along with other modern upgrades. 


The weather is humid and occasionally touches a hundred in the hot summer months. However, before you scratch moving to Kansas from your list listen to this, to ease this pain public ground pools are available.

But the weather occasionally hits a hundred. Otherwise, it is usually mild and remains in the range if nineties.

Also, the water table in the southeastern part of Kansas is higher so people seldom make basements on their properties as they get filled with water at times. So they are used for storage around but not as commonly as in other states.

Have trouble dealing with the heat in Bakersfield? Check out this blog on how to deal with the hot weather!

Wrapping up

Moving to Kansas can be easy if you use this information. Of course, it depends on your wishes and what kind of place you want to move to. Moreover, the crime rate is normal, farming is widespread, and country life is great. If that is what you are looking for then Kansas is your kind of place!


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