Crime In Bakersfield – Part 2

 Still not sure about the rate of crime in Bakersfield, CA? Want some more tips about crime-finding measures in Bakersfield to check if it is a safe place to live?  

You are still at the right place. In part 2 of this crime investigation blog/video series, we will cover some more websites that can be used to research crime in Bakersfield neighborhoods so you can choose the perfect place to move to, in Bakersfield.

Obviously, It’s not an overstatement that no place can be 100% crime-free, and the same is the situation with Bakersfield. However, protection mechanisms and awareness about crimes assist in decreasing crime rates.

We went through websites such as Megan’s Law in part 1 to identify the sex offenders around the Bakersfield neighborhood while the spot crime website is to look for crimes around anywhere you live. Now we continue to some more amazing web sources. - Crime in Bakersfield

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Keep Yourself Safe from Crimes in Bakersfield?

Living in Bakersfield is peaceful because of the smaller population but like every other place, there are some tradeoffs in terms of Bakersfield’s crime rate. Having said that doesn’t mean somebody out there is always waiting for someone to be their target.

Various websites are provided by the Californian government to look for crimes that exist out there, and to make you aware of them. Crime is everywhere, it’s not just limited to Bakersfield, if you only focus on the statistics, you will not be able to live at ease.

However, that doesn’t mean you should not research and in this guide, we helped you in doing that research. Because once you know what crimes exist, safeguarding your family and yourself becomes easier. The easiest way to keep yourself safe is by being cautious and with the right research.

How Bad is the Crime Rate in Bakersfield, California?

Talking about crime rates in Bakersfield, California, doesn’t mean to scare you off the place but it is to make you aware of your surroundings so that you be an informed buyer.

Although Bakersfield is one of the highest crime areas in America statistically speaking the overall crime rate is at around 4.7 percent per 1000 people which is higher than some other places in the country.

However, knowing about the neighborhoods helps you find a comparatively secure place, hence precaution is the key to landing in the right place in Bakersfield, CA.

Can you Get all the Detailed Information about Crimes on these Websites?

After analyzing different websites you can make a clear picture of the crime rate, however, as it was mentioned before you might not be able to access some data because of boundaries, and in some cases, you need to travel to the nearest police station for the info.

Do you know that Bakersfield is a Booming Real Estate Market? Here’s how.


Before shifting people get concerned with the Bakersfield, CA crime rate. Knowing about the unsafe areas in Bakersfield along with which areas of Bakersfield, CA are safe is all possible with the right use of the website which calculates the livability score.

Crimes in Bakersfield, CA can also be detected by another amazing website named because it informs about the crimes related to drugs and sex.

Also, it enlists the food and drug recalls and provides statistics from where one can see the Bakersfield crime statistics as well.

All these websites are available for awareness purposes for the people who want to shift to Bakersfield but at the same time are unaware of the crime situation in Bakersfield.




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