Best Luxury Home for Sale in Bakersfield 2024

 Making a home for yourself and your family is a dream of every individual, living in any part of the world. And if you can get that home combined with a bit of luxury that’s not such a bad deal, is it? A luxury home for sale at a good price is a blessing. 

Building a luxury home may take your time, energy, and above all quite a handsome amount of money. So if you get a spectacular luxury home in Bakersfield perfect for multi-generational living you should never put it down.

So for this reason we present to you the most amazing luxury home in Bakersfield which is for sale! You don’t want to let this opportunity pass.

Location of this Luxury home for Sale

Photo by Ingo Joseph

This house is located at Manor Wood. It is an excellent and quite reasonable housing association and gated community. The place is on half acres of land.

The house itself is 3200 square feet.

So you can well guess from this figure how luxurious and spacious it is.

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Rooms and Space

Photo by Pixabay

So if you enter the house you get a common space along with which you can find the master bedroom. 

Leading to an extra bedroom is a hallway that is elegant with all the natural light pouring in. If you don’t need another bedroom you can always convert it into an office.

The house consists of two independent units with their own tankless heaters and air conditioning systems.

You have plenty of seating area and a backyard that spreads over a wide area. You decorate or utilize this area any way you like. It can be your barn or a space for building an RV garage. It is totally up to you.

Not that you would need a garage as a regular spacious garage is already at the front. So you can even have ideas about building a pool or an organic farm.

You also have a laundry room and a big one at that. It is so big that you can place all your folding here and even put it to other uses. The room has a pocket door with a combination of closed mid-century-styled windows. 

Besides that, there is another bathroom. And of course, there’s a kitchen available to the residents of the house.

The Second Unit

Photo by Pixabay

But let’s move to the most important space that would make you want to buy this house if you want to live separately yet together: The other unit.

A hallway inside leads to the private suite. Along the hallway, you can find another bedroom ready to be used. There is plenty of storage available along with an attached bath.

The bathroom is in the same design as the other ones, with theme-matching tiles and a shower.

This unit has a lot of storage. It has a private door for entry as well. If an outsider such as a babysitter lives with you this private entry keeps their and your privacy intact. No awkward stares at each other as you pass by because there is no need for it.

As you enter the unit there is a large seating area. You can view the front area of the house from it.

Mid-century Construction

Photo by Maria Orlova

As most of the multi-generational homes go, this one has a unique mid-century construction. It is one of a kind in that regard as despite being mid-century, the design still has modern features for convenience.

This location mostly has mid-century homes that are still under construction. So if this locality interests you, this home is up for sale. Plus, for people specifically looking for homes for multi-generation living this is an ideal situation.

Beautiful Design

Photo by David Gonzales

The overall design of the house is simply out of the world. The entrance door opens to a magical space but the door itself is huge and intricately gorgeous. The design allows plenty of natural light to enter the house.

As the design has a typical mid-century vibe, the house has light floors. 

If we only talk about the bathrooms, they are airy and spacious. You have a bidet inside along with easy entry and a master closet. This closet is no ordinary closet. It has everything that is considered perfection. Open shelving and being able to close are the top qualities.

Modern features

Photo by Marina Zvada

As mentioned earlier, the house has multiple modern features to make it a house of convenience.

So starting with the kitchen, it has an offset pantry.  Along with this splendid pantry you have a microwave. The best thing about this microwave is that it is tucked away in a corner and does not take any additional space. 

You can utilize the area around by converting it into a wine space or a coffee bar. It is a stackable tile and can be converted into anything it would still give the mid-century outlook. That will give the space an elegant look.

Inbuilt KitchenAid appliances can be seen throughout the kitchen. The dishwasher is by KitchenAid and is one of the many fixtures that come with this luxury house. Other KitchenAid stuff in the kitchen includes the stove, microwave, double oven, and fridge.

The drawers and closet doors smoothly slide in or out or left or right. So there is no need to slam them and make them a nuisance when you are angry. 

You can find drawers everywhere. This means you have lots of storage options.

Perfect for Multigenerational living

Photo by Askar Abayev

So why is this house perfect for multi-generational living? If you want your adult child to continue living with you for any reason, or your elderly parents or grandparents are under your care yet you want to have your privacy intact, this house will work for you.

The independent unit of the house is here to rescue you from all the disturbance. It has two bedrooms and a bath. Even if you want a caregiver to stay there along with your parents or grandparents, there is enough space in the wing. There is another extra bathroom there as well.

A mini laundry is also present so that the people in the other wing are not even dependent on the main house for laundry purposes. How great is that? A stackable washer and dryer is available.

There are other great features as are in the main unit like closets, a backroom, a powder room, and even a backdoor that opens into the backyard. The floor plan works perfectly for multi-generational living.

Why You Should Buy It?

Other than all the great features mentioned about this house you should note that the location is very economical for you. Bakersfield is about 59% cheaper than other Californian counties in terms of real estate. This means you will get a great house and a reasonable cost.

This is why this house also has a high listing. Then if we talk about the neighborhood, Manorwood’s community, pollution-free streets, wide area, and peace and calm are unmatchable to any other place. 

It is low maintenance, the landscaping is up to the mark. You can add a gate to the side garage and complete the mid-century style of your home. Adding the side gate won’t affect the beauty of the house.

The house works on clean green energy. Solar panels are installed following the 2020 law that all houses must use solar energy. Nine panels are available and you can install even more if you wish to according to your needs. 

Plus you have giant half-acre lots for backyards which you can utilize any way you like. You have great storage as well that can be utilized innovatively. 

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Final thoughts

So everything is crystal clear in front of you. All details are mentioned for this luxury home for sale. What should be your next step? 

If you are looking for a mid-century luxury house without second thoughts, look no further. This one is perfect in every way. Don’t let it get away and put an offer on it today!


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