93313: A Desirable Zip Code in Bakersfield

 Any great town is nothing but a combination of amazing zip codes. So is true for Bakersfield. Today we are going through another one of the great zip codes in town: the 93313 Zip Code. 

Exploring the area of 93313 is going to be a detailed one. So if you intend to move to Bakersfield generally, and this area specifically, it would be best that you start taking notes.

Nothing about 93313 will be left out today. Just continue down below.

Location of 93313 Zip Code

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Generally speaking, 93313 is in the southwestern part of Bakersfield. If you are traveling north on Route 99 you will go through this entire area.

In case you are traveling from Southern California; you will come across 93313 on your lower left-hand side right next to the freeway there. Simple to remember.

Similarly, if you are moving from northern California, you can encounter it on the right side. So it depends upon where you are coming from. It will be at the end of the town if you have traveled through Bakersfield on Route 99.

The area is fully developed but gives you a hint of nature as majestic mountains are visible from here. Neighborhoods of course surround the area but they don’t overshadow the beauty of the mountains.

It is easily accessible from any part of the town. This makes living here totally worth it.

Boots in the Park at Kaiser Sports Complex

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A Bakersfield version of Boots in the Park is set to be organized at the Kaiser Sports Complex. It is considered to be on the level of Coachella for the residents.

The complex is surrounded by several acres of land where multiple sports activities are conducted for the residents.

They are widely popular throughout the town and are enjoyed by all. the huge soccer fields hold multiple matches all the time.

Even the gorgeous Tehachapi mountains can be relished from this complex as well.

Most Sought-After Areas of 93313 zip code

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93313 is not just a figure. It is made up of so many sought-after areas that you will be shocked about choosing one to live in. They are all equally amazing. Some of the common names are:

  • Silver Creek
  • Ridgeview Estates
  • Stone Creek
  • Stone Meadows
  • Pinewood Lake
  • Alder Creek
  • Harvest Grove

These localities offer the most advanced living facilities, otherwise absent in newly constructed areas. But here you have a gated community that has the world to offer you.

Newly constructed homes are also available for sale around these neighborhoods. Some of the houses are currently for sale in Alder Creek and Harvest Grove as you read this. You should check them out. Who knows one of them turns out to be your future home?

Plus, as is with multiculturalism in Bakersfield, the area boasts an immense Sikh temple just off Stein Road. In addition to this, 93313 also houses a large Sikh Community.

If you are concerned about your child’s education before moving here, rest assured that Ridgeview High School is one of the best and biggest schools in this zip code.

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District Boulevard

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So you have decided to move to 93313, or to Bakersfield, where will you go to find the construction material? None other than District Boulevard.

Multiple showrooms for construction-related materials and stuff are present at District Boulevard. You need to check it out if you want a luxury home with perfect flooring and bathroom construction.

Where to go for Fun and Games?

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Not specifically fun and games, but the area has multiple enjoyable sites to visit, such as, there are several parks in this locality. The biggest one is the Silver Creek park, which is ideal for allowing your child to spread his legs and have fun.

Other than this, there are basketball courts, baseball courts, gymnasiums, and soccer fields consisting of almost 170 acres.

You can shop at places like Costco, Petco Walmart, Sam’s Club, Old Navy Boot Barn, and the list goes on. All these places are available for your pleasure all day long. And they are within walking distance so that you waste no time commuting and can be back home before late.

Amazon Store

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As surprising as it sounds 93313 also has an Amazon Store. Not all places can show off an Amazon mall to potential clients. But here you can buy the coolest, tech stuff you can ever imagine, and that too at minimal costs.

Other than tech stuff you can also get plenty of shopping out of the Amazon store and consider your day well spent.

Valley Strong Credit Union

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Valley Strong Credit Union is present at your doorstep. It is one of the most popular local credit unions in Bakersfield. Its other branches are available throughout Bakersfield.

Usually, Bakersfield residents use ATMs or banks for transactions. Nonetheless, Valley Strong is present there to assist you in any way possible. If you are ever looking for it, it is in Panama and Stein.

Things to Do

You can never get bored in 93313. There are too many places to visit and too many fun activities to be a part of. If you are not into anything adventurous you can simply visit Costco and have a meal at its supreme food court.

You can shop, visit parks, or maintain your fitness by joining the gymnasiums, it is totally up to you.

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What are you waiting for?

93313 zip code is a spectacular location to plan your dream house. It has shopping places, it has food courts, it has fitness centers, it has parks and whatnot. The area is a fine example of a dreamy locality that offers you the opportunity to have your dream house.

Above all, the neighborhoods are brand new. And it is growing steadily. New homes are being constructed every day.

 Soon there will be no more acres available in the Bakersfield South. So reach out to your realtor today and start planning a move at 93313.

Because you don’t want to miss this opportunity!


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