93308 The Emerald Cove Neighborhood of Bakersfield

 As the name shows, Emerald Cove Neighborhood is a gem in Bakersfield. What it is offering to buyers is simply a real estate paradise. Even when Bakersfield is the most desirable place to buy real estate in all of California, the town never fails to offer such neighborhoods that are simply gorgeous. 

What do you need to know about this fantastic area? Well, you will find every detail in this one read. Just come along!

Emerald Cove Streets

Emerald Cove streets are named after gems. Like literally the streets are named emerald, amethyst, garnet, turquoise, Onyx, and so on. Creative and just as shiny as the gems they are named after. 

The neighborhood is tiny but has 65 beautiful, custom-made, 65 houses. They are sure to sell like hotcakes once they are on the market. The rest of the area is equally ideal for living. The neighborhood falls under the zip code 93308. 

Emerald Cove park

Photo by Pixabay

One of the best places to visit in Emerald Cove is the Emerald Cove park. Located just around the corner of Haman and Patton, the park is directly attached to one of the finest schools in the district, the Discovery Elementary School. 

You can come for a peaceful walk, just to enjoy the fresh breeze in the morning after you drop off your children at school. Or you could bring your children here and have a bit of outdoor bonding. The scene is just right for you. 

If you are dropping off your children at school and missing a cup of coffee in the rush, no need to be down. There is a Starbucks right next to the other side of the school. So no worries even if you occasionally miss a cup or two.

The other great thing about Emerald Cove Park is that it is almost a central area surrounded by shopping places and coffee houses. It is a main spot in the northwestern Bakersfield area. 

Details on Property

Photo by Binyamin Mellish

 You already know the street names are fancy and named after gems. The houses are custom-made as mentioned earlier. What else is there in this uncommon neighborhood? Well, lots!

Having fancy street names is only an additional bonus to the excellent community that exists at Emerald Cove. The cost of an average home here starts at 650,000 dollars and up depending upon the construction and upgrades of the property. But even the highest cost doesn’t go above the lower 8 figures.

From a price point of view that is quite reasonable.

The area only had two properties on the market in the last year and that too only for ten days. That’s how quickly they sold. If we check in detail these houses were about 20 years old, built in the early 2000s. 

With four bedrooms, two and a half baths, three garages, 1 RV, and a side yard, the houses were as spacious as any palace. A lot of the houses in Emerald Cove are of similar construction in terms of space and elegance.

But, a lot of houses are even bigger and more spectacular than the ones mentioned before. They are either custom-made or semi-custom-made making them one of a kind and unique in the entire neighborhood. But then again Emerald itself is one of a kind gem.

It is a highly desirable place to live in in the northwestern part of Bakersfield and make no mistake the most sought after as well given the houses were on the market only for ten days. 

Apart from being spacious with large lots you have the benefit of extra square footage for your property. This is because back in the early 2000s it was the norm. Hence all houses are humongous. 

You also get to have gorgeous entryways, mesmerizing landscapes, and clean, wide streets.

Safety in Emerald Cove

Photo by Scott Webb

Any potential buyer would naturally be concerned with the crime scene at Emerald Cove. The misinformation about crime being above average in Bakersfield.

Here some research is required as the crime rate may be as in any other American state. Still, you need to find out more about it by going through the crime resources document.

Give it a proper read so that you are well-informed about the place you are moving to. It is crucial for your and your family’s safety. Nobody can tell you how safe a place is. You need to figure it out on your own.

Want to know more about crime in your area in Bakersfield? Check out this guide.

Other benefits

What else does Emerald Cove have to offer? Well, potential buyers can see for themselves that the place is loaded with benefits.

You can find a fire station right down your street. So in any emergency condition, the fire brigade is there at your disposal. The freeway is accessible but that’s not the only thing there in your reach. Going shopping and Centennial High School is also really convenient. The school is I’m the Norris School District.

This part of the town is on everybody’s target list for being reachable, convenient and ideal. It is not a gated community, be clear on that. There is no existence of a housing association here.

Yet the place is swarming with offers due to its desirable and highly maintained community that welcomes people from all over the state with open arms.

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Wrap up

So it is clear that Emerald Cove is a highly desirable neighborhood of Bakersfield to move to. It may appear to be lacking in terms of security however, the crime is tackled in the same way as in any other American state. Even the ratio of crime is not as bad here as projected.

The homes are beautiful, and custom-made, and give off the vibe of dream homes that are so much in demand that not even a single house stays on the market for more than a few days. If that isn’t your sign to get in touch with your realtor now and move here what else is? Make your move today!


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